#MyFirstHero: How Chimp&Z Got Gen Y To Connect With Godrej Expert On Father’s Day

Case study on the Father's Day digital campaign by Chimp&z; for Godrej Expert, wherein youngsters could send a video and a personalized message to their fathers on Whatsapp

The Agency

Chimp&Z Inc. is a full service digital agency, based in Mumbai and Gurgaon. Our mission is - To make sure we explore the talents of all who work with us in a way that even they have never imagined and create brilliant pieces of work that speak volumes for itself. Our motto is Go BIG or go home!

The Brand

Godrej Expert is a brand that has always celebrated the youthful spirit within, regardless of one’s age. And hair plays a significant role in not just making one look young, but also feel young. And the brand’s job is to keep hair looking youthful. Over the years, Godrej Expert has been the trusted brand of choice for Indians from ages 35 and up to cover the greys.

Problem Statement

As market leaders in a highly competitive category, it was important to not just maintain the brand’s current position, but to also become an endearing brand. While the product delivered impeccable hair colouring, the category itself is highly functional. The brand wanted to rise above the functionality and create an emotional connect with the audiences. A large section of the target audience in the 35-55 age group, were fathers. And what better occasion than Father’s Day for the brand to pay a special tribute to them?

Identified Objectives

The objective was to leverage the brand’s primary target audience – fathers, thereby, helping the brand build an emotional connect with the youth. The central idea behind the campaign was: ‘Fathers Are Our First Heroes And Heroes Never Age’.

There were two key issues the campaign hoped to address:
Being an age-old grey-coverage brand, Godrej Expert had little connect with the youth. While they weren’t the brand’s immediate TG, they were important influencers for the TG and so it was imperative that the younger generation saw the brand in a positive light.

Furthermore, the youth today formed the largest part of the population. And thus, they would become the brand’s target audience sooner or later.

The Strategy/Execution

Godrej Expert created a digital film to mark the occasion that showcased the bond between a father and his child.

For the message to be meaningful to the fathers, we targeted their children; who are digitally savvy. Hence, to create an emotional message, shareable with parents, we created a WhatsApp integrated microsite – to enable users to share the video with their fathers along with a personalized message at the push of a button.

In addition, as a part of social media strategy, snippets from the video were developed and shared across the brand’s social media profiles.

The Results

The campaign went viral, reaching far and wide and eliciting responses from audiences all over the country.


  • The site received around 10,939 visits and averaged 84.14% new sessions during the campaign.
  • The campaign received many heart-warming entries from users across India and felt the love from the neighbouring countries like Pakistan and Nepal as they participated and dedicated messages to their dads too.
  • #MyFirstHero created a nationwide impact on the occasion of Father’s Day amidst other brands activating digital campaigns simultaneously.
  • Adage India, Best Media Info, AFAQs and many other content platforms covered the campaign. An article covering the digital film on Indiatimes received over 28000 shares.


  • The total view count stands at 1,030,000+ views, with an organic view rate of 8.75%.
  • 293 subscribers gained during the campaign.


  • Total view count stands at 430000+, with an organic view rate of 16%.
  • Increase in page likes during the campaign: 6000+.
  • Overall Campaign Reach on Facebook: 1.3 MN+.


  • #MyFirstHero trended on the 2nd and 3rd spot for 4 hours on 19th June, 2015 with over 9000 tweets.
  • 220 followers gained during the campaign.


Digitally, the campaign received positive recognition on this occasion and stood out amidst the clutter of other brands, with a very simple and straightforward message. The film struck an emotional connect with our users by showcasing their childhood memories and by engaging with the audience across social media platforms, we were able to get our message across beyond the digital world.

While an occasion like Father’s Day is relevant for all hair colour brands, only Godrej Expert managed to capitalize on it and create a memorable brand moment unlike any of our competitors.

We owned the #MyFirstHero hashtag with countless consumers using it to pay a tribute to their fathers. All in all, #MyFirstHero undoubtedly made the day of all fathers far and wide.