Pigeons, Trees And Dogs Talk About Our Polluting Ways On National Pollution Control Day

Godrej aer has launched '#ChangeTheAir' to enable people to actively control vehicular pollution by timely reminders for their PUC renewal through digital films, a microsite and social media


We know pollution is for real but hardly bother to spare a thought on what each one of us can do. Most of us plant trees and rest in assurance that our bit to pollution control has been done with. Hence the National Pollution Control Day on December 2 popped up as the right occasion for creating awareness on what people can do to combat air pollution.

Godrej aer, the home and car fragrances brand from Godrej Consumer Products, is putting the spotlight on vehicular pollution through its latest CSR initiative launched on National Pollution Control Day, called ‘#ChangeTheAir’. The idea of the campaign is to enable people to play active roles in controlling pollution levels in the city.

Drawing from the insight that vehicular pollution is a significant contributor to air pollution, ‘#ChangeTheAir’ believes that just keeping the PUC under check can alleviate this situation. But, the challenge is to bring in consumer awareness on the importance of regular PUC check.

How does one really go about urging people to renew their PUC certificates?

Godrej aer’s #ChangeTheAir added an interesting quirk where animated flora and fauna spread the message. Conceptualized by Creativeland Asia, the campaign has devised three digital films (produced by Supari Studios) where a pigeon named Tara, a tree named Sunny and a street dog named Pinto who loves to chase cars, talk about the pollution we’ve been creating.

In their own quirky tone, each of them conveys the difficulty they face and intimidate car owners to renew their PUC regularly. Here, Tara the president of the High Flying Royal Society of Pigeons, warns people what she plans on doing if we fail to renew our PUC certificate.

Then there’s Pinto’s take on pollution:

The digital films are coupled with a simple microsite where one can sign up for a personal reminder service. It integrates a basic function that will enable car owners to receive timely reminders for their PUC renewal. A car customer has to register their phone number, the year in which the car was bought and the last PUC renewal date. Once this information is fed in, the car consumer will automatically receive reminders few days prior to the last date of PUC validity.

Additionally, the microsite features a mobile number that people can give a missed call to. For every 10 missed calls received, Godrej aer will plant a tree and help fight air pollution.

Per the company release, Godrej aer will be launching a PUC app to auto remind vehicle owners to renew their PUCs on time.

The Godrej Aer Twitter page has been taken over by Pinto today with a cool contest on #changetheair:

Simplifying PUC certificate renewal

Godrej aer’s #ChangeTheAir has hit the right spot. Instilling a new habit requires continuous reminders and encouragement. The campaign not only manages to make car owners conscious about vehicular pollution but also helps them with an easy reminder service for their PUC renewal. A cool CSR initiative by Godrej Aer to bring in a change in attitude.

Engaging people with contests hosted by the personified animals is a good way to connect with people. However the microsite can introduce some incentives for people who sign up, given that it is a database of car owners who’d like to be rewarded for keeping their PUC in check. Perhaps some gamification like badges and social sharing can be introduced to make PUC certificate renewal a fun thing.