3 Charts That Define The Rise Of Mobile Video Consumption In India

Global Video Insights, survey by Vuclip highlights how Indians prefer to watch content in their native language with apps supporting native language discovery

78% of Vuclip viewers in India have shown preference to watching content in their native language, informed Vuclip, the leading premium mobile video on demand (VOD) service for emerging markets. Though movies and television shows account for around 80% of the International content consumed on the Vuclip platform.

These latest findings are a part of the recently released Global Video Insights (GVI) by Vuclip - a survey it conducted in April 2015 of more than 8,500 users spanning the emerging markets of India, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa. The survey responses reveal a growing propensity among mobile video consumers to view and navigate videos in their native languages on a single over-the-top (OTT) mobile app that also enables them to consume international content at length.

1. 80% of Indians preferred app for finding both regional and international video content

Respondents in Indonesia (91%), Kenya (90%) and Nigeria (90%) considered an aggregated mobile video platform/ app important for accessing international and local content rather than downloading multiple apps.

2. 79% of Indians indicated their preference for apps that enable video discovery through navigation in native languages

Globally Navigation in native languages was considered most important in countries such as Indonesia (89%), Egypt (87%) and Thailand (86%).

3. 78% Indians have shown preference to watch content in their native language

Videos in Hindi dominate the viewership traffic by 40% in India. Regional languages such as Tamil (8%), Telugu (6%), Bengali (4%) and Marathi (4%) are also seeing increased traction.