Mobile Will Account For 50% Of All Video Plays By End Of The Year

Per the Q2 Global Video Index from Ooyala, mobile will account 50% of all video plays by end of the year. 44% of all video views occurred on mobile during Q2

According to the Q2 Global Video Index from Ooyala, mobile will account for 50% of all video plays by the end of the year. The report also states that more than 44 percent of all video views occurred on a mobile device during Q2 2015, representing a 74 percent increase year over year.

The report compiled by the video metrics firm reflects the anonymized online video metrics of the vast majority of its 500+ customers. The report does not document the online video consumption patterns of the Internet as a whole. But the size of the Ooyala video and advertising footprint, along with the variety of its customers, means the report offers a representative view of the overall state of online video.

The complete report can be downloaded here: Global Video Index Q2 2015.

The report states as faster, bigger, and less expensive smartphones come to market, and as wireless providers continue to relax their data caps and supply more opportunities to connect to WiFi, the growth of mobile as a first screen will continue. Mobile video is on pace to exceed 50% of all online video plays by the third quarter of this year, perhaps sooner.


Not just brands content owners and broadcasters increasingly are pushing content over the top directly to consumers. Operators like Verizon and Dish (via Sling TV), are stepping to the forefront, offering skinny bundles of content meant to be consumed on mobile devices.

Even the screen size is being democratized by online video content. Online viewers are spending more time watching long-form content over ten minutes in length than ever before. More than half (59%) of the time people spend watching video on tablets is spent with video 10 minutes long or longer. That’s the most of any device, trailed by connected TVs (43%), mobile phones (37%) and PCs (35%).


During the quarter, broadcasters saw more of their content play on mobile devices than on PCs, a major shift in the distribution of video play that likely is being driven by younger viewers, millennials in particular. Content from broadcasters played more than 53% of the time on mobile devices compared to 47% on PCs.

However, PCs continue to have the highest fill rates for publishers (77%) and broadcasters (64%, down from 80% last quarter). Mobile phones and tablets have fought the fill rate slide that affected PCs, an indication that they may be more resistant to seasonal changes. For broadcasters the fill rate for mobile reached 54% and 57% during the quarter for tablets, compared to 55% for both tablets and mobile in the Q4 index.


Surprisingly, publishers seemed to be impacted less than broadcasters overall. PC fill rates for publishers increased to 77% from 69% in the prior quarter. And their fill rates for mobile and tablets increased from below 50% to 55% for mobile phones, and 56% for tablets.

Ad completion rates for the quarter were nearly 90% of all ads started on PCs for broadcasters are completed, with 89% for tablets and 79% for mobile devices. Tablets are simply better than mobile phones for watching premium content. Publishers saw slightly lower completion rates: 73% for PC, 71% for mobile and 67% for tablets. Often, the content being consumed on publisher sites is short form, with many brief clips consumed in any given session.