6 Charts That Define The Growth In Global Native And Video Advertisement In Q1 2015

Marketplace Report, Q1 2015 released by MoPub takes a look at how mobile advertisers are investing into native and video advertising.

Despite typical downward pressures on revenue and eCPMs, publishers leveraging video saw, on average, revenue increase by 39% and eCPMs increase 3.9% in Q1 2015 vs. Q4 2014. The finding is a part of the Marketplace Report – a quarterly update that takes an in-depth look at trends in monetization and ad performance across the mobile programmatic ecosystem. It reflects data from the MoPub Marketplace, which is representative of over 31,000 active mobile apps, more than 264 billion monthly ad requests, more than 1 billion unique devices and 155+ demand-side platforms.

The report shows the breakdown of native ad revenue by category, with social and entertainment performing the strongest, and a big increase in at least a couple of those categories.

1. Mobile advertisers collectively increased spend 3.4x during events like the Super Bowl

TV is no more the only investment brands made during the Super Bowl. Brand advertisers were the main contributors of this spend — making up 73% of overall advertising spend during the game. Mobile is the second screen that brands are tapping with TV during such events.

2. Native ads are the new normal

Social, Entertainment and Music are the categories dominating Native ads in 2015. Interestingly, Books and Social were the only category that found interest in 2014 for Native ads.

3. Banners still perform for publishers

Banners still do their job — and do it very well. Publishers contributed to more than tripling the Q1 2015 auction volume year over year while monetizing at a higher rate than the same period a year ago.

4. Interstitial ads narrow the revenue gap

Interstitial ad, the full-page ad that appears before the actual webpage have been enamored by publishers. While banners continue to perform for publishers and advertisers alike, Q1 2015 saw interstitial ads substantially close the gap in revenue doled out to app developers vs. the same period a year ago.

5. Publishers leveraged video strongly in Q1 2015

Despite typical downward pressures on revenue and eCPM, publishers leveraging video overcame the odds with big Q1 earnings.

6. Non-skippable video monetize better for publishers

Non-skippable or the video ads measuring 0-15 seconds prices were, on average, worth 38% more than their skippable counterparts.