State Of Mobile Advertising Around The World In 4 Charts

4 interesting data points from global mobile advertising revenue report 2014, presented by Interactive Advertising Bureau, IAB Europe, and IHS Tech

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Global mobile advertising revenue hit $31.9 Billion (€23.9 Billion) in 2014, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and its Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, IAB Europe, and IHS Technology. The 2014 revenue which surged 64.8 percent from $19.3bn (€14.6bn) in 2013 is due to the continued shifts in consumer usage patterns and industry innovations.

The report has some interesting data for advertisers, so click here to download the complete report. Listed below are some of its interesting data point for a quick consumption:

1. Global mobile ad revenues

Global mobile advertising revenue is up 65% year-on-year to €24 Billion or $32 Billion.


2. Display expands share

For the first time ever, mobile display ad earnings topped search. Climbing to $15.1 billion, mobile display ads represented nearly half (47.4%) of the total mobile ad revenue in 2014 and saw the highest growth rate of all mobile ads, at 88 percent. Messaging however takes a beating, from 9.6% it goes down to 6.6% in 2014.


3. Mobile ad revenues by region

On individual region growth, North America generated $14.3 billion in mobile ad revenue followed by Asia-Pacific region. With a growth rate of 76%, North America accounted for the highest year-over-year growth of all five regions and owned the largest share of revenue, at 44.9%.

The Asia-Pacific region outperformed Europe, earning $11.6 billion to Europe’s $5.3 billion. Asia-Pacific accounted for 36.5 percent of the global mobile ad share, and Europe accounted for 16.6 percent. The Middle East and Africa generated $379 million in mobile ad revenue, and Latin America generated $239 million.


4. Mobile ad revenue formats

Display has been big in North America, Search leads in Europe with Asia-Pacific keeping a balance between the two. However, messaging which is barely scratching in other regions, accounted for the largest share of mobile ad revenue in the Middle East and Africa and Latin America regions.