10 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read About

Best global digital campaigns from the week that include 'Mean Girls' of Instagram acne ads, Nars cosmetics’ social media campaign, Mashable Instagram community


1. Inside Everlane’s do-gooder social media strategy: Take a tour of clothing retailer Everlane’s popular Instagram page, and amidst artistic shots of shoes sitting on white shelves and a Breton-striped sweater arranged just so, you’ll find photos of something most retailers usually hide: the factories in China that make its clothes. Because it’s a visual brand, Instagram has become a venue to showcase its products. But Preysman is also excited about Snapchat, where the brand uses the “Stories” feature for factory tours.

2. How Nars is bringing modern luxury to social media: At the peak of Nars cosmetics’ most recent social media campaign, the associated hashtag was mentioned in 30 tweets every second. ‘Breakthrough,’ which the luxury makeup brand launched in conjunction with the release of its Christopher Kane designer collection, is the latest example of the experimental campaigns that set Nars apart from competitors on the leading platforms.

3. Raise A Glass at Bloody Angle: Victoria Bitter, Legacy and RSL in Australia have teamed up again to commemorate the Gallipoli Centenary with Raise A Glass, online at raiseaglass.com.au. This year the campaign marks the ANZAC Day Raise A Glass with the story of Australia’s 16th Battalion and their harrowing charge at Bloody Angle. “Most men tremble when faced with death.

4. Durex gets YouTube’s Hannah Witton to discuss the dil-dos and don’ts of sex in new online campaign: Durex has enlisted YouTube star Hannah Witton to answer fan questions about sex and relationships as the brand looks to gain further exposure through vlogger partnerships. Witton who has over 120,000 subscribers on her channel, which is devoted to talking about “sex, relationships and other stuff!”, leads the way in the campaign, which was created by TMW Unlimited by assisted by ChannelFlip Media.

5. Mirror blends gaming and social media with ‘Tweetometer’ general election engagement league: The Mirror is helping its readers keep track of the best engaged politicians on Twitter in the run-up to the general election with the launch of its Tweetometer. The gamified social analysis tool has been designed to let users track thousands of tweets sent by prospective parliamentary candidates and measures how engaging those Tweets are, generating real-time results in a live league table.

6. Reebok allows consumers to virtually run through San Francisco with Instagram ‘Hunt for the pump’ campaign: Reebok has launched an Instagram-based campaign which allows followers to virtually run through San Francisco for a chance to win a pair of Reebok ZPump Fusion sneakers.

7. The ‘Mean Girls’ of Instagram acne ads: High school, frenemies and acne: for teens, the struggle is real. But real-life teen dramas don’t unfold in theaters as much as they do on social media small screens. Which is why pharmaceutical giant Galderma’s over-the-counter acne medicine Benzac’s latest campaign is a cheeky teen-based mini soap opera on Instagram.

8. Choose Your Own Silent Film Adventure on Instagram: The Toronto Silent Film Festival is leveraging Instagram as an awareness tool for its 2015 festival by letting users choose their own adventure on the social platform. This promotion is fitting for the festival as it makes users look at a new medium differently while in turn getting them looking at an old medium under a new lens.

9. Mashable’s community-first Instagram strategy is paying off: Mashable’s Instagram strategy has extended into meatspace. In February, the site invited 100 of its Instagram followers to Jersey City for #MashMeet, an in-person meetup for photographers to share tips IRL. The event, Mashable’s third, brought together just a small part of Mashable’s Instagram following, which has quadrupled to 119,000 users over the last year.

10. Airbnb and TBWA launch first-ever TV and digital campaign: Airbnb has launched its first ever campaign that expands across both television and digital with the help of TBWA. The spot, Never a Stranger, shows an actress hugging her real grandmother, with whom she connected in Brazil. It also features a voiceover done by an Airbnb employee. Never a Stranger, which is cut into 15, 30 and 60 second clips, engages real hosts and listings from across the globe.