10 Global Digital Marketing Campaigns That You Should Read This Week

Best global digital marketing campaigns from the week - Coke Tests Whisper, CBS live streaming football, Reynolds Instagram Cookbook, Discovery virtual reality


1. How The Young Turks plans to crowdsource local news around the world: The Young Turks Network plans to crowdsource its way to providing local news and commentary across the globe. The online news network is launching a program to recruit new hosts and local correspondents around the world. The program, called “TYT Next,” will invite people to submit videos on topics they’re passionate about for the chance to become a paid contributor and — if all goes right — an official on-air host or correspondent.

2. Discovery get experimental with virtual reality: Discovery on Thursday launched Discovery VR, a new app and website that will be the first part in the company’s larger foray into virtual reality. The tech, which is built around the idea of delivering new experiences, has already proven to be a good fit for Discovery’s brand. One of its early videos gives viewers a virtual look at a gold mining operation. In another, a professional surfer gives viewers a 360-degree crash course on his craft.

3. Reynolds Made a Clever Instagram Cookbook That Feels Like an ‘Endless Table’: This year, Reynolds and Havas Chicago plan to make eight dinner tables, each of which is made up of 21 dishes. Each uploaded photo links to another Instagram account that lays out all of the individual ingredients in a dish and features a link to the Reynolds website with the recipe.

4. How Facebook Deconstructed the Status Update for a Lovely Series of Slow-Motion Ads: People are on social media so much these days that the actual act of posting about one’s life has itself become a big part of life. Recognizing this, Facebook recently found a way to tell stories about its users by dramatizing the act of posting—in an artful series of autoplaying ads that are both heightened yet completely relatable.

5. How Smashbox Cosmetics used its video studio to boost its social following: The makeup-obsessed love to see cosmetics shown and demonstrated on Instagram and YouTube. So this year, Smashbox Cosmetics used its Los Angeles studio to create buzz across both channels.

6. Charlotte Agenda’s local news formula: fewer advertisers, deeper partnerships: Charlotte Agenda is a North Carolina-based news site that launched earlier this year with a simple, if counter-intuitive advertising model: Rather than work with large group of advertisers on low-CPM display deals, the site plans to pursue big partnerships with a handful of local and regional brand advertisers. That, in theory, means more ad revenue.

7. Coke Tests Whisper’s Advertising Potential in the Most Perfect Way: Anonymous sites and apps have had their share of publicity problems in recent months, but should brands give up on them altogether? Coca-Cola doesn’t seem to think so, based on the fact it just ran its first ad on the popular app Whisper.

8. Pizza Hut Will Be Front and Center in New Web Series on Competitive Gaming: Digital content network Endemol Beyond USA is partnering with Pizza Hut for its new Web series, Legends of Gaming. The series, based on a U.K. version of the same name, will be the first on the company’s new esports and gaming digital channel, Smasher. It will be hosted by YouTube personality Toby “Tobuscus” Turner.

9. Wedding hashtags are bringing in new business for the billion-dollar industry: According to wedding-planning site TheKnot.com’s site director Anja Winikka, wedding hashtags got their start in 2012. These cutesy slogans, both of the straightforward (#SaraLovesBen) and cheeky (#HappilyEverEaton) variety, sort photos into one Instagram scroll from the guest perspective, creating a spontaneous and personal digital album. Consider it the modernized version of the disposable cameras left on reception dinner tables.

10. How CBS is experimenting with live streaming for football fans: CBS is increasing the amount of college and pro football it plans to stream across digital platforms for the upcoming season.