Glitstreet Wants To Redefine Window Shopping In The Digital Age

Glitstreet App review, a Delhi based startup working to bring window shopping to the digital age when it comes to designer clothes with thoughts from Co-founder Nitish Bhushan

Glitstreet digial shopping

Many of us engage in window shopping whenever we go to a mall or a shop. We are enticed by the attractive things that we see. Sadly, we can’t really go ahead and buy everything that takes our fancy but we do definitely enjoy gazing at them! This behavior is important to the consumer experience because it allows you to objectively identify the kind of products that you want. Our only constraint here is money because it is the deciding factor in the decision.

However, if you are a professional in modern times, you don’t really have much time to amble aimlessly across business districts and hope that you will serendipitously find something for yourself. There is just not enough time to experience that uncertainty and that joy when you find the perfect garment or any other product. Glitstreet is a startup which is working to bring window shopping to the digital age when it comes to designer clothes. A fledgling startup based in Delhi, it has just launched its website in March and things look promising as of now.

Co-founder Nitish Bhushan and his team are very clear about their proposition. They are not an ecommerce website! Instead you can think of them as a catalogue for fashion designers and merchants to showcase their work online. With this, they don’t have to invest much time and effort in integrating designers with the website. Even though Indian digital commerce is growing at an unprecedented rate, a large amount of Indian users are still not getting connected with fashion designers who make attractive and unique products. It is beneficial for them to sign up on Glitstreet and be able to get an additional avenue for inbound inquiries. This low cost way of advertising their wares is definitely advantageous for them.

Glitstreet, on the other hand, will have to make sure that they scale the reach of the website so that many people can search and discover some unique clothes and selections. Curation is an important aspect of this and they have to figure out a way to increase the signal to noise ratio in order to help consumers find some really cool clothes and designer wear. With this they will truly have transformed the art of windows shopping for the digital age.

Glitstreet search

Currently, you can search for clothes based on these two key parameters – location and product type. There are sections for men’s wear, women’s wear and kids. They also provide the user with a list of markets that they are sourcing from. Currently, this list covers Delhi and includes popular haunts such as Hauz Khas Village, Shahpur Jat, Malviya Nagar and so on. Searching for say, sarees gets you to a page where all the sarees catalogued on the page are displayed. You can filter out the products based on your preferences using the gender, category, location, price, color and size – in short, just like any other ecommerce website.

However, where Glitstreet differentiates itself from others is that they do not sell these listed products on their website.

Glitrstreet product display

Selecting a product takes you to the product page and gives you additional information such as ratings, reviews, price, availability, size, material quality, vendor name, phone number and address. If you like it, you can call up the vendor directly or check out the exact address. Currently, the contact page says that you should mention that you got their address and contact from Glitstreet but I think this is not really an efficient way of going about it. They should probably give vendors a unique number which they can track or generate a unique document/code which can be shown when a user visits the said shop. Automating this will help Glitstreet show proper metrics and also make them a key part of purchase decisions being made.

Glitstreet product selling

The startup is still pretty small compared to other giants. Since it’s launch in March, they have been getting close to 400 daily hits on their website without any marketing and SEO efforts. These hits have been entirely due to word of mouth and this is a promising start because it validates their idea. Around 40% of their customers seem to be repeat customers and they have been hearing good things about Glitstreet from the designers who listed their clothes on the website.

Their immediate goal for the future is to cover 600-700 stores in Delhi and then expand to Mumbai and Bangalore by the end of this year. They have also decided to focus on weddings because they identified them as a strong use case based on user data. As of now, they are working on their mobile apps and plan to release them by the end of this quarter.

I think the website plugs into a great gap in the segment. Offline shops may not always have the bandwidth to plug into the internet but yet there are many that sell some great clothes. Glitstreet can be the perfect place for them to expand their leads funnel while still keeping their physical operations intact.

If you are based in Delhi, do check out the website and tell us what you think of it.