GJM Supremo Bimal Gurung Intensifies Gorkhaland State Demand. Invests On Social Media

After the creation of Telangana, Gorkha Janamukti Morcha has intensified the protests for its demand of a news state and is investing on social media too.

The creation of the 29th state ‘Telangana’ from Andhra Pradesh has raised hopes once again for all those movements with similar demands. Creating Gorkhaland is one such demand that has been raised again by the Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM) to ensure political identity of the Indian Gorkhas residing not just in the Darjeeling Hills but also for those Gorkhas who are facing an identity problem across India.

The movement is being led by the GJM supremo Bimal Gurung and the movement has seen a new wave of momentum after the birth of Telangana. Recently the hills of Darjeeling were about to witness an indefinite shutdown for the ongoing fighting of a new state but it was revoked to a 96 hour shutdown keeping the religious festival – Eid in mind.

The agenda of GJM is to have parts of Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri, districts of northern West Bengal to be made part of the new state. And to fuel the movement the GJM supremo is taking the help of social media to spread his message and at the same time clarify his stand on various steps being taken.

His Facebook page - inching close to thousand fans - has been out there since early 2008 unlike the Indian Express article that claims the page to be active from last weekend. However, the page is now seeing a new wave of attraction and it is being said that a team of social media experts would be working on the online outreach program of the movement.

The prolific leader has also hinted that the movement could get bloody and feels the new medium or social media to be the most democratic medium to reach out to public and answer their queries. Bimal Gurung is also looking to open a YouTube channel. In fact the Indian Express has claimed that the leader has a Twitter presence too but I have failed to locate it (wonder when mainstream media will start providing genuine links for a reader).

This isn’t a surprising move considering that today most of the political leaders have accepted the importance of social media. For now the Facebook content is doing what it is supposed to do and hopefully it doesn’t turn into a trumpet blowing medium, like most of the world leaders are doing on social media.