‘Give Them Wings’ Expedia Facebook Campaign

Give Them Wings is the Expedia Facebook contest for its fans

Expedia, the world’s largest online travel company has made a resolution this January. It is not surprising that it is on Facebook. Expedia plans to fly 100 street and working kids from the Butterflies NGO on a fun-filled 3 days holiday to Mumbai. And in return Expedia wants you to be a part of its resolution by joining the Facebook community and spreading this initiative amongst your social network.

‘Give Them Wings’ Expedia Facebook Campaign:

The Expedia Facebook page takes you to a landing page aptly called ‘Give Them Wings’ Project.  The idea is simple and clearly states how you can contribute.  For every ‘like’, Expedia would contribute Rs. 10 to their travel fund. After you ‘like’ the page, you become a part of a large community and by large I mean nearly 98,000 with nearly 22,000 active users. And for every ten shares amongst your friends, Expedia would contribute Rs.10 to the travel fund. In addition, out of every booking made between Dec 25, 2021 and Jan 25, 2012, Expedia will put Rs.100 to the travel fund.

The landing page takes you to a Facebook app when you click the ‘go for it’ button.

Expedia Facebook Landing Page

The app then shows you a personalized page of yours from where you can invite friends, add a wings badge on your profile picture and show it to your friends or you can go back to the wall. The app also highlights the total number of people supporting the campaign i.e. “Wings Count” and also the total travel fund collected.

Expedia Facebook App

Although the app is a simple and cool one, it should show the text that it is going to post on the wall of the fan and not post it right away. Brands should follow this, as it is also one of the guidelines specified by Facebook.

My thoughts on the campaign:

  • Going by the rate at which the Facebook community is growing, it won’t be long when it crosses the one lakh mark! In my view, it would be an interesting campaign to analyze not only in its smart implementation of corporate social responsibility but also to calculate ROI from Facebook campaigns.
  • The increase in the number of bookings between this one month over and above the average bookings by Expedia would be a direct financial figure.
  • The increase in the number of Facebook fans and website pageviews would be non-financial figures.
  • In addition to these figures, Expedia would gain humongous amount of word of mouth, build key relationships with customers and be perceived as a responsible brand.
  • The app that has been built is simple and has cool ways to spread the word. The idea of allowing fans to add a badge and displaying it as a profile picture is sure to catch some eyeballs among friends.
  • The content that is being shared on the wall and the Sponsored Stories on Facebook are focused to the campaign objective and is being well appreciated by the Expedia community.

Campaigns that think beyond the mere ‘like’ and discounts will connect to people. Brands doing CSR the social media way is not a new thing. Mahindra & Mahindra, Tata Steel, Suzlon, etc. have done it in the past. However “Give Them Wings” is a simple campaign of spreading joy among kids without asking much from fans.

So have you liked the Expedia Facebook fan page?