Gillette Soldier For Women, Brand’s New CSR Initiative

Gillette, the men's personal care brand from Procter and Gamble (P&G), has come up with an interesting television commercial in the wake of the recent public uproar about crimes against women. It is also spreading on social media.

Our country needs men who can stand for women. If you stand for women then you stand for your country. A message that is true and the need of the hour. According to AFAQS, Gillette India, the men’s personal care brand from Procter & Gamble has weaved it’s new television commercial around the same theme, in the wake of recent uprising of crimes against women.

The TVC that has been conceptualized by BBDO India makes a bold statement – “Soldiers Wanted” not for borders but to protect the women of the country. The black and white video is a silent one but makes the point that men need to stand for the women in the country. The video has been uploaded on YouTube 3 weeks ago and has fetched more than 260K views.

In addition to this, the corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative is being promoted on all mediums and social media hasn’t been left out. The Facebook page that stands for a product that a man can get best, has a fan counting of more than 1.6M. The page has shared the exciting TVC with the community quite frequently and the response has been positive with more than 13 shares for its latest update. Additionally, the page is sharing content that is asking fans specially men to stand up for women. The latest content has got more response than the video and has been shared by more than 157 people on Facebook.


Twitter has been incorporated along with Facebook. The brand that has more than 2K followers on Twitter is tweeting about the video and the objective around the initiative. However, the CSR initiative on Twitter is lacking the zeal.

Gillette weaving CSR initiatives around its brand is nothing new. In 2011 Gillette had launched “People’s Gateway Movement” around the third anniversary of 26/11 Mumbai terror strike. However, I had felt that the brand had walked on the thin line of risking the sentiments of countrymen. But the latest CSR move stands out clear with the message. The brand that has often featured women in its advertising to promote products for men like it did during the Women Oppose Evening Stubble movement, has done a 360 degree turn this time and I see it as a great move.

It’s time for real men to stand for their women who could be a mother, wife, sister, girl friend or even friend.