Gillette India Pays Tribute To Fathers In #MyRoleModel For The Promotions Of Special Edition India Razors

Gillette, men’s personal care brand from P&G has launched 'Because you are my role model’ campaign for the promotions of special edition India razor

After ‘Thank you, Mom’, P&G shifts focus to the dads. The FMCG major salutes the father-son relationship through its global ‘Inner Steel’ campaign. Launched through Gillette, the men’s personal care brand from P&G, the campaign celebrates the ‘inner steel’ values of passion for winning, doing the right thing and playing with integrity at all times. As an extension, Gillette has launched the ‘Because you are my role model’ campaign that includes a television commercial in addition to social media integration. The campaign also marks the launch of Gillette’s first special edition India razors.

The first phase features former cricketer and Gillette brand ambassador Rahul Dravid talking about the importance of his father as a role model. Conceptualized by BBDO India, the ad film is set in a garage where a son is practicing batting as his dad is bowling. The son plays a shot that hits his father so hard on the face that he falls down. While the young guy is worried, the father gets back to bowling, while making a gesture to play straight.

As the voice over goes, “My dad will always be my role model. He taught me many things – the resolve to stand up after a hard fall. To win is to take the hits and still carry on,” we see Dravid continuing the narration, “Because every hit makes you stronger. Thank you dad, for showing me the meaning of inner steel.

The ad uploaded on YouTube has garnered more than 2.7 million views, and triggered social media conversations around the hashtag #MyRoleModel due to its smart integration in the video. The video encourages the viewer to share about his role model using the hashtag; in fact, the brand has also announced prizes for interesting role model stories shared with the hashtag.

Conversations have been encouraged with the help of Twitter contests too, while asking people to watch the TVC. On Twitter, Gillette began by creating conversations around the hashtag #InnerSteel. The brand asked users to share what #Inner Steel meant to them, why Dravid is the best example of inner steel and more conversations around the topic. Presently, Gillette India has announced another contest, which could be around any of the hashtags #MyRoleModel or #BecauseYouAreARoleModel.

Gillette India has also reached out to bloggers to carry on the conversations. It has teamed up with Blogadda, an Indian bloggers community, to launch the ‘#MyRoleModel’ blogging contest, where bloggers have been invited to share about that one person they considered a role model in their lives. The role model could be a father, a teacher, a colleague or a complete stranger who they looked up to and got inspired by.

With the grand prize of a Sony Bravia LED TV and a Canon EOS for the second prize, there are also Rs. 1000 gift vouchers for ten bloggers. The blogging contest also involves an exclusive opportunity for 100 bloggers to create video blogs for the campaign. Bloggers would need to apply for this though and the best video blog will also win a grand prize.

In addition to online activities that will be aggressive till the IPL, Gillette is also conducting offline events to build the momentum. In the ‘Because you are a role model’ event, the brand got former cricketer Venkatesh Prasad and his son Prithvi to speak about how cricket influences youngsters, apart from parents.

Connecting with the target group

From saluting the inner soldier in men to protect women in its ‘Soldier for women’ campaign last year, Gillette India has come a long way in its brand communication. Well timed around the IPL sports season and Father’s Day, ‘Because you are my role model’ will certainly connect with the men of the house, though it might not replicate the success of P&G’s ‘Thank you mom’ launched during the Olympics.

Also, playing around the father-son relationship around an activity like shaving, seems to be a first in the FMCG sector, earlier we’ve seen banking and finance brands focus on the role of fathers.

The hashtag incorporated in the video has helped trigger social media conversations around role models, but the brand would need to do a lot more to spread the movement organically rather than through contests. Gillette would need to integrate more avenues for father-son conversations around the ‘Inner steel’ values. Nevertheless, it has triggered people to look up to their dads while promoting its first ever special edition India razor.

#MyRoleModel is a clever razor ad taking an emotional route to Gillette India brand building.