Gift A #beersanta To Your Buddy This Christmas

Gift A #beersanta To Your Buddy This Christmas

Christmas and winter just got more warm with the new campaign that Doolally Craft Beers is running, the #beersanta. Who doesn’t like gifts and that to when it comes from your best buddy during the best time of the year? Simple but a well thought of campaign from the makers of handcrafted beers in Pune that gives you a chance to say thank you to your best buddies.

So how does #beersanta work?

Once you click on the app the ‘Doolally’s Beer Santa’, you are presented with a small form. You need to pick a friend whom you want to send a pint to make him or her cheer this season. So after you select a pint or a pitcher that you want to share with your friend, you are diverted to a secure payment gateway. As and when your payments process ends, your friend gets an e-coupon that he needs to exchange at Doolally and enjoy his pint. Isn’t that a cool and simple campaign for this Christmas running on Facebook.



Why I think it’s an interesting concept?

1. Social networks is all about friends and what more if you can encash that emotion. Doolally has hit the golden spot with this campaign.

2. As a beer connoisseur I know you just wont have one beer and you won’t come alone to celebrate your happiness. So indirectly you are selling more without you doing your pitching which is a smart move and works well on social media.

3. Positive word of mouth is definite and a campaign like this will become viral. People love to share when they are made special and the #beersanta campaign from Doolally is making you happy via your friends.

4. A great campaign for retailers to try out. Not only you can now drive your online traffic to your offline stores but you can also figure out your ROI too.

5. Deals have really become social and a killer idea to implement especially during some special occasion.


Recently I have seen sponsored stories of Doolally on my Facebook page which I think is a smart move as the ad directs to you to the app. Going further if such campaigns could take the form of a content and shared within the timeline, then surely the brand can win some brownie points. So if you are a retailer and want to try out this campaign then check out more about the mechanism from Social Deal Factory here. And if you are wondering what is Social Deal Factory then do check out our review here.

Do you think campaigns like this connect with you and bring in more fun to your life?  Wouldn’t it be great if you get a dinner coupon from your friend because you stood by him or let’s say you want to gift a nice shirt to your dad and you are confused what size and colour to pick? I think this is a great way from a consumer point of view and a great model for retailers to try out.

So anyone sending me a #beersanta 😉