Get Invited To The Durex Valentine’s Night Party

A look at the Durex India Valentine's Night party campaign on Facebook, where users can win couple passes to movies, dinner or lounge at select places in the city


All I’m being bombarded with these days are Valentine offers, Valentine ads and everything that can be even remotely associated with Valentine. But, when the condom brand Durex comes up with a Valentine’s Night party, I smelt a cool campaign there. This Valentine, couples can get themselves invited to a Valentine’s Night party, courtesy Durex. All they have to do is log on to Facebook and share a couple picture at the Durex Facebook page.

The campaign is giving away many incentives to couples - 1000 couple prizes for your choice among passes for a romantic dinner, movie tickets or lounge entries. 10 couple prizes for a Valentines night party in any of 8 select cities along with a complimentary charge of Rs. 1000/- per couple. And the big prize is 50 couple passes to an exclusive Durex Valentine’s Night party to be hosted in Delhi.

About Valentine’s Night party

Log on to Facebook and ‘like’ the Durex India Facebook page to be able to access the application designed for the campaign. As soon as you click on ‘get invited’ the app takes the required permissions and you are on.

Durex_Valentine's_nightYour name and email are pulled up from your profile details, so all you have to enter is your phone number and upload a nice picture of you and your partner. You can tag your partner in the picture and don’t forget that the party is valid for the couple in the picture only. Also, reading the Terms & Conditions might help as you might not want to be in an embarrassing situation later with your valentine!

‘View all entries’ displays a gallery of user submissions. You can search for your friends or just browse through the displayed ones and vote for your favourites. Sadly or confusedly, there are many solo pictures too!

‘Winners’ displays the couples who have won, and thankfully there are no solo pictures here.

How good is it?

Although it might not add any significant value to the popularity of Durex condoms or create another social cause campaign, Valentine’s Night party is a basic app that will surely have couples hooked on. Besides, with the entry age being 18-35 years, the campaign is clearly targeted to the youth alone. Cool incentives, aligned objective and Facebook as the platform are sure to make the Durex Valentine Night’s party a memorable one.

With an attractive design, smooth execution and navigation, the app scores on the design front too. Also, the clearly stated T&Cs do not leave any room for doubt. Overall, I like the app but, as always, there is room for improvement. The entries need to be moderated. If you go through the gallery, you would know what I mean. A couple pass can be won by couples only, but the gallery has solo pictures too, like I mentioned earlier. Facebook contests with user-generated entries need to be moderated.

Valentine’s Night party is being promoted through the Durex India Twitter page too in addition to updates on Facebook, however there seems to be not much emphasis on spreading the word through Twitter through a relevant hashtag. The campaign could have received increased visibility had it employed Twitter in a smart way. Apparently, Twitter isn’t being explored at Durex India, just as it had done a while back with its ‘Say NO to HIV‘ campaign.

Nevertheless, it is a well-targeted campaign on the ripe occasion of Valentine. What do you think?