General Secretary Of Congress Shakeel Ahmad Says Media Hyped His Controversial Tweet On Gujarat Riots

The controversial tweet from Shakeel Ahmad highlighted the fact that the Gujarat riots led to the formation of Indian Mujhaideen. Later Shakeel expressed that the tweet was hyped by the media

Shakeel-Ahmad Tweet on Gujarat Roits

Twitter is the controversy creating platform for Indian politicians. With the General Elections coming closer, the Twitter war between the online Congress and Narendra Modi is gaining momentum. The recent one to be talked about is the controversial tweet which comes from the account of Shakeel Ahmad, a former MoS.

Shakeel-Ahmad Tweet on Gujarat RoitsThe former Minister of State Govt of India for Home, Communication and Information Technology and present General Secretary for the Congress tweeted what the NIA had stated in its charge sheet - that the terror outfit Indian Mujahideen was formed after the Gujarat riots.

The tweet that is directed to the BJP and Narendra Modi’s camp was picked up by the media and has made headlines. However the minister was making the comment based on the NIA’s version of charge sheet. The tweet that was shared on 21st July, 2013 got more than 60 retweets. Seeing the backlash on social media, the Congress party has made it clear that the thoughts expressed by the politician are not of the party.

Congress spokesperson Renuka Choudhary said earlier today – “It is not the party line as of now.” Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi, who addressed 200 party delegates at a large conclave on the party’s communications strategy, also expressed that party spokespersons should fall in line with the party’s ideology. He added,

“Spokespersons and panelists may have their individual views, but as party spokespersons and panelists you have to be within party line. We cannot go beyond party ideology. Those who go beyond will be noticed and action will be taken.”

Meanwhile, seeing the unprecedented attraction to his tweet, Shakeel has clarified that he was not justifying the existence of the terror outfits but quoting a sentence from the NIA charge sheet.

The tweet which was shared today saw another tweet where Shakeel has blamed the media for creating hype since the news was already there in publications like ET and Indian Express.

Incidents like these justify the need of social media policies. In the coming days we are going to witness more such incidents. Social media might not influence the 2014 elections but for sure the debate and the political controversies have found a new ground.

Image courtesy: Flipbeans