Gautamm Mehra Talks About Incredible India Campaign

Gautamm Mehra Talks About Incredible India Campaign and the challenges to look forth in an email interview with us.

Ultraviolet Digital, the digital arm of Crayons Advertising was in the news sometime back for all the good reasons. The Incredible India campaign run by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India has handed the digital responsibilities to Ultravoilet Digital. The interesting bit of this campaign is that it is going to create awareness across 17 countries to promote India as one of the lucrative travel destinations. The campaign will run for a time period of five months in different languages that makes it more interesting. So we got in touch with Gautamm Mehra, COO, Ultraviolet Digital to know more. The email interview we did is shared below:

1. Gautamm, it would be great if you can share a bit about yourself and what’s keeping you busy these days? 

My fascination for digital has been with me since the modem whirring days of VSNL at 14.4kbps with a text-only borrowed student account. From being among the early beta testers of Adwords to selling reiki ebooks in Isreal, I’ve constantly learnt, experimented, burnt my hands, a bit of success and a lot of learning. My earlier stints were heading the global operations and client servicing at Ignitee and being responsible for driving performance and efficiencies for all global campaigns. To answer the second part of your question, we have two big campaigns currently. Incredible India & PPCC (Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee).

2. Recently Ultraviolet Digital has been handed the Incredible India campaign. So what would be your initial strategy?

Its a huge mandate. Where we need to manage the brand across several countries. The initial focus is going to be on search and media innovations, which will be followed by a longer term sustainable social media activity.

3. Have you thought of what kind of engagement will you look forth to, to drive via social media?

While we have a number of exciting things in the pipeline for Incredible India, the roll out of these would not happen immediately and cannot be discussed at the moment. Would definitely let you know, once I am able to communicate on this.

4. Ultraviolet Digital had handled the Kerala Tourism campaign, do you think will that help you here and can you share your learnings from it?

Yes of course. In fact the team at Ultraviolet has handled the earlier mandate of Incredible India and MP Tourism earlier, so we already have a large number of learnings that we would be using in the current campaign. For example, working with multiple publishers in non-english speaking countries is always an execution challenge, from scheduling (one needs to understand the local events and how they affect behavior), language (not just translation but tonality and most important the design implication due to change in copy layout & spacing) and the simple fact of ensuring that what is being communicated to the publishers is actually being executed (IP targeting makes it difficult to see the actual live ads, so we need to use local country proxies to achieve the same).

5. Finally, Incredible India would be an international campaign that would run in 17 countries. What kind of challenges do you foresee?

Answered above.

Thanks Gautamm ! We look forward to get in touch after a period of five months to know more about your campaign, learnings and the response from it.