Garnier Pure Active Creates Animated Videos Inspired From Iconic Bollywood Films

Review of Garnier Pure Active social media campaign 'Lights...Camera...Garnier Pure Active', that creates videos based on Bollywood scenes to push its message


Brands are quick to leverage the power of videos as a medium to tell their story. Storytelling is often enhanced with the help of videos, especially in the age of social media. And, in a country obsessed with its films, a skincare brand has created promotional videos based on Bollywood classics and is sharing them through social media.

Skin care brand, Garnier Pure Active has created a series of digital animated videos of the iconic scenes from yesteryear Bollywood films to drive home its message of knocking out pimples. Created and executed by digital agency Foxymoron, the iconic Bollywood scenes taken from classics like Sholay, DDLJ and Ghulam have a twist though. In the videos, the characters are seen suffering from pimples and finally have actress and brand ambassador, Alia Bhatt come to their rescue with a tube of Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash.

Lights. Camera. Action….err Garnier Pure Active!

The first video film called ‘called ‘Lights. Camera. Garnier Pure Active - Part 1’ is under a minute long. It portrays Gabbar Singh, the most popular villain of Bollywood, and his gang in the hills of Ramgarh. Gabbar is bothered with pimples instead of enemies. Watch it here:

The Gabbar video has received more than 517K views, since being published on December 6, 2013. The second video in the series takes inspiration from the romantic ‘Dilwale Dulhania le jayenge’ but gives it a funny twist. Here Amrish Puri does not want his daughter Simran to marry Raj because of his pimples. Uploaded on the 30th of December, 2013, the minute-long video has received more than 567K views.

The third video sees a pimple-faced Aamir Khan and Rani Mukherji singing a modified version of ‘aati kya khandala?‘ Uploaded recently on Jan 14, 2014, the video has crossed more than 271K views in these 6 days.

Social integration with ‘filmy’ creatives

While the videos were released within a couple of weeks apart from each other, film-inspired creatives continued to be shared on social media. Beginning December 2013, the social networks of the brand took on a ‘filmy’ look with an animated Alia on the cover photo of its Facebook page. This was soon followed by updates on the Facebook and Twitter pages, sharing the video and inviting fans to answer related questions.

More creatives taking inspiration from popular films like Dabangg, Devdas, Mr. India, Jab thak hai jaan, etc. were shared with amusing twists in the dialogues.

Garnier pure active dabang creative

Garnier pure active dabang2 creative

Twitter is being used to create engagement and conversations involving the followers. Right from contests like ‘replace pure active’ with movie names, to contests based on the videos ensured followers on Twitter had a lot to talk about. The concept of having scenes, dialogues and characters from popular movies only added to the participation.

Along with a presence on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, Garnier Pure Active has also created a helpful blog for its community called ‘No pimples. no marks‘. It features FAQs on pimples, more about the product range and offers useful solutions.

Garnier Pure Active has it all covered

The concept of pushing brand messages through popular Bollywood films is sure to create an instant connect. Also ensures brand recall in a fun way. “Lights…Camera…Garnier Pure Active” is a well-targeted campaign that is sure to resonate with the young generation most likely to be suffering from pimples. Besides with the integration of popular social networks, Garnier Pure Active has ensured maximized reach on social media.

Visuals and videos always help narrate a good story. The good thing is the brand can take it any which way it chooses to. What do you think about the ‘Lights…Camera…Garnier Pure Active’ campaign?