Gangs of Wasseypur Poster Contest On Facebook

About the Wasseypur poster contest launched on Facebook by the makers of Gangs of Wasseypur

Gangs of Wasseypur engages fans with the Wasseypur Poster making contest where the winner will be judged by the director, Anurag Kashyap and the selected entry will win a signed and framed copy of the poster.

With the nearing of the second instalment of Gangs of Wasseypur to be released on August 8, the excitement on social media is gearing up too. In an insightful chat we had with Sufiyan from the digital agency handling the GoW account, he shares some of the film’s steps into experimentation with social media and how it connected with fans.

Wasseypur poster contest

As promised, the makers have not let fans sober down from the GoW1 hangover. There’s a little something for everyone. From sharing the making of the songs to behind-the-scenes in the studio, content on Facebook is a delight for Wasseypur fans. But what is innovative is the call for movie posters from a fan’s point of view, especially the artistic types.

The Wasseypur poster contest launched a week earlier has 81 entries shortlisted already. Although the poster contest is hosted on a very basic app, it is neat and informative and displays the T&C page. Participants have to mail their entries at the given email address.

Again, the incentive for the fan is excellent. The best poster will be selected by Director Anurag and the winner will receive a framed copy of the poster after being signed by Anurag and the cast. Here’s a sampling of a few posters in the album. Choosing the best poster might just be tough!

Wasseypur poster contest entries

The app may have had budget constraints but I would have preferred to see all the entries on the app itself rather than having to go to the album. Besides, I am reminded of an earlier Facebook update where the film’s posters designed by Minimal Bollywood Posters was shared on the wall. My guess is that this poster contest might just have been inspired from there.

Sometimes, a movie can make a place famous. Gangs of Wasseypur has certainly put Wasseypur on the world map and with the brilliant social media presence, it has also set a new benchmark in social media marketing for movies.

So if you can recreate the revenge saga on A3, go ahead and try your luck. Who knows if its signed copy from Anurag awaits you!