13 Funny Posters Doing The Rounds On Social Media With #RahulOnLeave

Rahul Gandhi's leave creates a roar on social media. This also gave cartoonists an opportunity to have some fun. Curated list of 13 funny posters #RahulOnLeave

Rahul Gandhi’s absence for a short duration or the wrong timing of his vacation has become a national issue. From Twitter to news hour debates, every one is asking where is Congress VP Rahul Gandhi.

It isn’t the first time that Rahul Gandhi has suddently disappeared but the timing of the vacation is being questioned. The opposition(to be read as the Congress party) is prepping for a major campaign to challenge the government’s overhaul of land acquisition rules. Rahul Gandhi’s absense does raise valid questions specially when the party is eroding away from Indian politics.

While the speculation is that the VP of the Congress party has left for a holiday in a fit of rage as he has not been allowed to restructure the party they run. However, Congress Chief and Rahul’s mother Sonia Gandhi has clarified to NDTV that Rahul has taken the vacation as he wants to think and to assess his role.

The party’s effort to downplay the incident had no effect on Twitter as it was quick to trend #WhereIsRahul since yesterday. Today from early on in the day #RahulOnLeave has been trending.

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This episode like other Twitter trends has given fodder to cartoonists to explore their creativity. Listed below are 13 funny posters on #RahulOnLeave