Are These The Funniest Ads From Indian Brands This Year

A compilation of India's funniest ads that drive home the point with a brilliant dash of humour

Advertising has had its ups and downs; often more down moments in the consumer-aware social media-driven age that we’re living in. Despite disguising itself as native advertising, ads still get slammed the world over.

Nobody wants them. On TV or on their social media feeds. It’s an interruption to their world of entertainment, often meant only to be skipped after 5 seconds.

But, businesses can’t survive without advertising. As long as there is media, there’ll be advertising and ad gurus ensure no soul ever skips their ad. In fact, true-blue deodorant ad makers have gotten rid of the seductive women baits they employed earlier. Ads have gotten funnier, smarter and more shareable for the connected age.

This year has been a joy ride for our team. Most campaigns we looked at have weaved in humour into their ads. Sometimes there’s such an overdose of humour that we forget we’d just watched an ad and not a funny video. Compiled here are what we feel are the funniest ads that drive home the point with a brilliant dash of humour.

1. Aegon Religare ‘Immortals of India’ Fuse Off

Aegon Religare Life Insurance chose funny all the way in its ad video series called the ‘Immortals of India’. Atul Khatri, a popular stand-up comedian does scary stunts with such nonchalance that is worthy only of an immortal being.

In this one titled ‘Fuse off’, he truly believes he will survive the fixing of a short-circuited fuse with his bare hands. And right while you are gritting your teeth waiting for him to die of an electrical shock, he tells you not to fear for him as #NothingWillHappen to him.

He also goes on to talk about death as a nonexistent thing in India and other important observations on death. The ad ends with a product slide that says “For those who are not immortal, protect yourself with Aegon Religare iTerm Insurance Plan”. Job done!

2. Mobikwik ‘Why steal a wallet’

Online recharge company, MobiKwik’s ads used humour to demonstrate how easy, fast, and safe it is to pay using its Wallet. In the ad titled ‘Why steal a wallet’, a thief is seen running off after swiftly picking the pocket of a guy standing in a movie ticket queue. Instead of chasing him, the guy simply buys his ticket with his Mobikwik wallet and then proceeds to chase the thief.

After a long chase, the guy feels thirsty and stops to buy a bottle of mineral water on the way, making his payment from Mobikwik wallet. After some time, he feels hungry and takes a burger break. Again he pays from his mobile wallet.

The thief is utterly confused and the chase restarts. Finally the guy catches up with the thief and informs him that there is nothing in the wallet, and leaves the wallet with the thief telling him, “Ab tum logo ka time khatam“!

3. Grofers ‘We Get It’

Hyperlocal mobile commerce company, Grofers that provides doorstep delivery for grocery and home stuff, recently launched its debut campaign ‘We Get It’ with a series of ads. The humour quotient will keep you from skipping the ads.

The ad film has roped in popular stand-up comedian Jeeveshu Ahluwalia as this debonair and ideal husband every wife wishes her husband to be. So this wife returns home from work all tired when her husband offers her a glass of water, and asks about her day. Soon she realises to her utter joy that he has bought all the groceries, restocked the fridge and even bought her favourite flowers and shea butter cream.

Then he begins to play music on the newly bought Bluetooth speakers and invites her to dance with him. Just as she begins to sway to the music, she feels something is out of place because of all the noise. She realizes to her dismay that she had only been dreaming, while her husband is making the noise – he is strapped to a weight-loss machine nearby.

While he looks on, oblivious of her reverie, she tells him to order their grocery from the Grofers app. The voiceover at the end introduces the tagline, ‘We Get It’.

4. Limca ‘Bhaag Bittoo Bhaag’

Limca, lemon flavoured soft drink from Coca Cola chose crazy humour to emphasize the Limca thirst this year. In the ad titled ‘Bhaag Bittoo Bhaag’, a boy name Bittoo is playing cricket when he receives a call from his mother. She informs him that ‘ladkewale aye hai’ meaning the groom and his family have arrived to see his sister.

He quickly gets into action mode and you wonder why. The woman’s voice is heard through his phone, trying to impress the groom’s family with stories of some great snacks prepared by his sister.

Bittoo, meanwhile, is seen running at breakneck speed around town, to procure all the snacks his mother makes a reference to. From kachoris, dahi bhalle to gulab jamun, he gets all the mentioned stuff and is dead thirsty by the time he reaches home and gives them to his sister, who greets him with a thankless ‘useless’.

He is then seen quenching his supreme thirst with a Limca, while a voice over says, ‘India ke kuch alag hi hai andaaz, yahan kabhi bhi lag sakthi hai Limca wali pyaas’.


There are a horde of ads contesting in the category of funny ads, but they were over even before we could complete our guffaw. Read also: Humour Is Tricky But These Indian Brands Got It Right.