Fujifilm India Partners With Delhi Photo Festival For The X Series

Fujifilm has associated with the Delhi Photo festival to promote its professional range of cameras, the X Series, in the form of workshops by established photographers


India’s first international festival of photography, the Delhi Photo Festival has announced the dates for its second edition as September 27 to October 11, 2013. The free for all initiative by India Habitat Centre hopes to bring photography into the public space and initiate dialogue amongst photographers and enthusiasts alike.

With an eye on the target crowd, Japanese brand Fujifilm has associated with the festival to promote its professional range of cameras, the X Series, in the form of workshops by established photographers with a hands on experience.


Apart from displaying its entire X Series and other range on all 14 days of the festival, the brand is conducting two workshops with professional photographer, Sephi Bergerson, who is also an avid user of X Series. In the workshop titled ‘The Camera as an Extension of the Inner Vision’, he will share his experience as a photographer, the frame of mind of working with such cameras, the photographs he has clicked of various genres with the techniques he has used to shoot them, the art behind his photos and technology behind the X Range and what makes this series versatile for every photographer.

The brand has leveraged social media to create buzz for the association. A Facebook app provides more details on the workshop and a call for action in the form of a link to the workshops at Delhi Photo Festival. The Twitter page is rife with conversations about the upcoming workshops at the festival. Here is a tweet that also tags Sephi:

Besides, the festival has a vibrant social media presence too. And the Fujifilm workshops are being shared on its Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter pages, further adding to the buzz. A common hashtag #dpf2013 helps in keeping track of the conversations on social media.

With participation from the leading galleries of the city and a crowd of photography professionals and enthusiasts, the Delhi Photo festival serves as a fertile ground for X Series promotions. And a workshop by an established photographer explaining his art and experience of using the X Series makes for a cool product promotion. The best part is the hands on experience with the new range.

Social media has been well adopted by Fujifilm India for X Series promotions. Earlier the brand had started a Facebook community aimed at bringing together all X Series users in India called the “League of Xtraordinary Photographers”. Photographers were required to share their profile and pictures to be approved in the community.