Frrole- Social News From Twitter

Frrole- Social News From Twitter

Frrole Twitter news

Twitter is all around us and from techies to celebrities, everyone is using it their way. Today Twitter madness has so badly caught upon me that it is the first thing I open up in the morning. Yes, I don’t read newspapers anymore 🙂 However, as you spend time on Twitter, you would come to a point where you would face a common problem. ‘I can’t control my Twitter stream’ is the common outburst by most twitteraties. Twitter apps like Hootsuite, Buffer app have given a solution to the problem. But then most of them would say that I am quite lazy to build lists and track things. How about an app that collects all information and presents you with the best content from Twitter. Frrole, a social newspaper for your city is the answer to your problem.

How does Frrole Work:

Frrole is a site that aggregates tweets based on your location and lists tweets sorted in categories. So for example: if you would like to see news from Mumbai, then just go to the site and select Mumbai as a location. You would find a list of tweets under the category of ‘Everything’ as you can see it in the below screenshot.

Top Tweets for Mumbai

If you are looking for specific information on Deals or Entertainment or Sports, then just click on the particular categories and you would find a list of Tweets. For example, if you want to see the cool deals on the go in your city then click on the Deals category and you would find a list of top deals in Mumbai as shown in the screenshot.

Top Sports Tweets for Mumbai

Apart from this, Frrole allows you to retweet a certain tweet from the site.

What’s Cool About Frrole

Frrole, which is in a beta version is a small but relatively helpful service. I like it because of the following:

1. Simple and easy to use.

2. I can see all relevant content based on my city or cities that I am interested in finding about.

3. Frrole sorts the tweets category-wise giving me the most retweeted ones at the top. Useful information on finger tips indeed.

How can it be better?

I am sure that the great minds behind Frrole must be developing new features. However, it would be good to see if Frrole adds more cities, more categories, search for users, then the site will be really a cool one. A mobile app in future could be a great ad on.

Meanwhile, give a try to Frrole and let me connect to the brains behind Frrole to find out what is happening more.