The Only Thing Missing In Frooti’s Rebranding Exercise Is A Good Story

A look at the social media activities by Frooti for its rebranding exercise to give consumers a taste of the new Frooti Life

Frooti Life

Most of us who grew up around the “Mango Frooti Fresh ‘n’ Juicy” ad jingle are in for a big disappointment this summer. Frooti, the flagship mango drink brand from Parle Agro that worked really hard in building this magical brand aura over the past three decades, has chosen to shed it all. This summer, Frooti has come up with a brand new avatar that includes a new logo and a new visual language that is nothing like its previous version.

The new is being promoted through an extensive brand launch campaign called ‘The Frooti Life’ across print, television, digital and social media.

The new TVC does star the brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan but only after weaving in a fun animated story before his entry. Creative agency, Sagmeister & Walsh tells the story of a mango getting inside a giant Frooti bottle through a 50-second stop motion animation featuring miniature characters much like the ones in Gulliver’s travels.

The film starts with these miniature characters stumbling upon a giant mango in the desert. They try to move the mango by tying it to an elephant, a car and more but find that no amount of force will make it budge. They then realize it’s only the power of their collective voice which magically lifts the mango and bursts into the new Frooti bottle. Crazy lyrics go like ‘aam suckita..lickita..enjoyita’ At the end we see SRK picking up the same Frooti bottle from his shopping bag, which is where all this was happening.

Reinforcing ‘The Frooti Life’

The TVC leads viewers to a cheerful microsite called ‘The Frooti Life‘ that gives them a taste of the new Frooti Life. It features the TVC, the Frooti story, summer recipes using Frooti, games, and more. One can download the new Frooti ringtone as well as see the making of the TVC with the miniature characters.

On the social media front, Frooti has embarked on building maximum visibility through its bright visuals, gifs and social engagement tactics. Social media timelines created all the buzz about the new Frooti. A Promoted Trend ‘#TheFrootiLife’ was run on the day of the TVC launch, while apart from sharing the TVC, social buzz was created by the Twitter handle.

Frooti asked people on Twitter to tell them about a friend who’s having a bad day, and promised to cheer that person up with a taste of the new #TheFrootiLife. It replied with interesting little gifs.

What’s interesting is that the handle has been having some bold conversations on Twitter, relating to other brands and negative sentiments. When a fan of juice brand, Paper Boat tweeted about his favourite drink, Frooti not only came up with a cheeky reply but also offered to send him bottles of the new Frooti to change his opinion.

This is what Frooti replied to someone not very amused by the crazy lyrics of the new ad:

When a beer fan complained of being blocked by Frooti, pat came the pun-filled reply:

Where’s the Frooti story?

As per media reports, Parle Agro has set aside Rs 70 crores for this rebranding campaign across marketing channels, of which digital is also a significant part. The summer mango drinks market is dominated by bigger players like Coca Cola’s Maaza and PepsiCo’s Slice (Read “The New Tropicana Slice Alphonso Digital Launch Could Do Better With Mango Stories”), both of which have been branded as drinks for adults, unlike Frooti that has been looked at as a mango drink for kids. With this bold new campaign ‘The Frooti Life’, the brand hopes to appeal to the youth and make it cool to live the Frooti life. Best thing about the ad is the minimal use of SRK and maximum exposure to the miniature characters!

The stop motion commercial, the clever conversations on Twitter and the interesting visuals make for a good taste of The Frooti Life, but something is amiss - probably a story. A rebranding campaign of this scale needs to have a good story to back it up, which is the only thing missing in this campaign.

For the launch of Café Cuba, the country’s very first coffee flavoured carbonated beverage, Parle Agro had created an interesting story about the birth of the drink. A friendly Cuban guy, a MS DOS style interactive microsite and a two-and-a-half minute video illustrating the story of Cafe Cuba made for a memorable launch on digital and social media. (Read “Parle Unveils The Story Of Café Cuba In New TVC, Website Tells Story In MS DOS Style”)

The Frooti Life has missed out on building a story and involving consumers and Frooti fans in it. The idea of recipes and games on the microsite is a fresh add-on to the Frooti Life, along with the bright visuals bombarded at us through hoardings and on our social timelines. However, a compelling story could add a breath of fresh air to this rebranding campaign.