From Curating Wishes Wishberg Is Now A Network Of Wishes. Makes Discovery Easy, Discontinues Shop Mob

Mumbai based startup Wishberg from curating Wishes Is now a Network of Wishes. Adds Search, makes discovery of wishes and user easy but discontinues Shop Mob for low conversion rate.


Wishberg, which rebranded itself at the end of 2012 from Tyche’d (pronounced as “Tai-Kee”) has introduced a set of new features while  discontinuing some that didn’t fall in its current roadmap.


The biggest change that has been adopted by the Mumbai based startup is that the platform is no more about curating wishes of the high involvement categories such as Travel, Cars, Bikes, Gadgets, etc. As of today Founder Pravin Jadhav updated me via an email communication that, “Users wanted to wish for everything and anything. We moved away from our initial approach of curating wishes - now the platform is completely based on user-generated data.”

Updating more on the startup’s blog, the Founder explains that Wishberg was making wishing difficult and so with the new approach wishing becomes simple. One needs to just give a name to the wish and share an image. He updates further,

“We have plans to get that to < 5 seconds. Soon! We are also working on something that will let you wish on the go - even when you are outside Wishberg!

In a bid to make the concept of ‘wish’ simpler, we also have discontinued experiences and reviews that showed up earlier. We are concentrating now only on one unit - Wish. It exists in two states - a wish, or a wish that is complete!”

Besides this the startup has discontinued the Shop Mobs feature that was introduced earlier this year. Launched during March, Wishberg had plans to connect the users by creating city wise meetups depending on their wishes/demands and finally enabling them to complete the transactions together so that they can avail benefits by collective buying.

The feature got 30+ Shop Mobs being created on the platform in 2 cities (Mumbai & Bangalore) and overall participation of over 300+ users in both cities. However with just two actual meet ups the conversion rate was really low. Pravin adds that,

“While we collected feedback from users, most users liked the feature a lot - but due to busy life had own resistance to meet up on the planned dates or fixing a time for completion of that Shop Mob.”

The product also has some new much required upgrades such as email signups along with Facebook login. This is due to the fact that there is a big chunk of users who are not comfortable with sharing Facebook details.

Search finally makes way into the platform, a feature that was much requested by users and highlighted earlier by us too. So from now on you can not only search wishes but users on Wishberg too. The platform has also worked upon Activity Stream and The Discovery Tab which is making content discovery much easier on the platform.

With 40% International users and Females holding a 30% user base, the platform is going to witness a complete simplified redesign in the near future. Apparently, Wishberg has pulled the right strings and we would do a complete review once the latest design is out. Till then you can add your wishes and fulfill them.