#LoDoKhatamKaro Says FreeCharge In Series Of Hilarious Ads This IPL

FreeCharge has launched a 360-degree marketing campaign to connect with its target group this IPL, and contests form a significant portion of its digital engagement strategy

Digital payments is the future of monetary transactions, and digital payment companies are in the phase where ecommerce companies were years ago when trying to instil an online shopping behaviour among Indians. Back in the day, ecommerce became a massy thing after many of them rolled out funny television commercials. Then the time was ripe for digital payment companies to become trustworthy brands via television ads.

These heavily funded new age companies are pumping in crores into advertising, and with the cricket fever enveloping the country, the time is just right to connect with digital natives. Digital payment platform, FreeCharge, the on-ground partner for VIVO Indian Premier League 2016, has launched a 360-degree marketing campaign that will run throughout the IPL.

Titled ‘Lo.Do.Khatam.Karo’, the campaign focuses on FreeCharge’s Chat-n-Pay service that enables users to send and ask for money instantly through chat, and avoid awkward situations. A series of ads conceptualized by Mullen Lowe Lintas imagines what those awkward situations can be in really hilarious scripts.

One of the TVCs is set at the wedding reception when the bride and bridegroom have just met with the bridegroom’s friend. He slips in an envelope with some money and informs him about how the figure was arrived at: part of the money is what he owed the bridegroom, another part was what another friend owed the bridegroom, the rest was his wedding gift!

The ad then demonstrates how this could have been totally avoided had these guys used the chat feature.

Another ad in the series features a young couple in a car where the guy is trying to impress his female friend with special cuisine suggestions for their next date. Just then a friend of his peeks inside the window to remind him about the money he owed him for juice and samosas. The guy is left red-faced even as the girl manages a big smile.

The latest in the #LoDoKhatamKaro series features three friends, one of whom is a freeloader. He has the world’s best excuses to not part with his money, but FreeCharge app with its digital money is not something he cannot ‘not have’. The ad demonstrates how amounts can be split equally among friends.

Contests form a significant portion of the digital engagement strategy, and these have been designed to drive app installs and usage. Freecharge’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are a nonstop feed of exciting contests around the new ads and the IPL. Besides, the brand has been sharing cricket related information and trivia, in between of sharing the benefits of having Freecharge app in your life. Gratification for contest winners is in digital money!

Freeing the new age consumer

Every digital payment company wants your smartphone to replace your wallet, and with more players looking to become your digital wallet, the competition is only hotting up. FreeCharge’s aggressive marketing tactics shows in its partnership with IPL, a cricketing event that attracts its target segment, aside from the many partnerships that enable a FreeCharge user to avail several monetary conveniences when it comes to booking tickets, paying for his coffee, movies, and utility bills.

The use of humour continues from its earlier #ReverseTheCharge campaign, and plays well to attract a younger audience, that’s more likely to adapt to digital wallets. In fact, FreeCharge itself is a brand with its humour quotient alive and kicking: last year its employees created buzz for reading out negative user reviews in a video. The idea was to tell the world how seriously does it take customer feedback.