When FreeCharge Employees Read Negative Reviews Out Loud

Online mobile recharge platform, FreeCharge has rolled out a new video to tell people it takes customer feedback seriously. The brand's employees read out negative user reviews


Online mobile recharge platform, FreeCharge has braved a whole new path in brand communication. Its new promotional film highlights the bad reviews it gets!

It’s not that the internet hasn’t seen people making fun of themselves raking in the virals, the likes, the retweets and shares. Barack Obama created quite a sensation when he read ‘mean tweets’ about himself at ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. Back home, we had #fame Bollywood run a feature with Sunny Leone where the actress reads some of the mean things that people have shared about her on social media, and also takes them head on. But this is probably the first time we see a brand do this.

FreeCharge gathered all its customer reviews, positive and negative and chose the negative ones to advertise themselves, or rather send the message across that FreeCharge takes its customer feedback seriously.

The two-minute film titled ‘Customer Reviews’ features the employees of FreeCharge from departments like finance, user retention, customer support, coupons, design & UX, engineering and growth, read out negative user reviews from Twitter, Facebook and Google Play. The film ends with the message that FreeCharge is listening to all of it and working on it.

Since its upload on May 17, the video has garnered over 8K views and much appreciation for the brand.

AFAQS reports that the in-house social media team spent hours collating interesting feedback for the video. While some of it could have been just trolls, others seemed genuine. The idea for the video was something the folks at FreeCharge just happened to stumble upon, after finding some really creative feedback for the company, informed Ashish Virmani, AVP – marketing at Freecharge.

Talking about why employees were featured in the video, Virmani said that since all the company’s functions are customer-facing ones, user feedback impacts employees directly. Additionally, it’s also a great way to showcase the team work to viewers.

It’s a cool gesture, one that its major target consumer segment comprising the youth who rely on prepaid plans, will surely love. And also help in making it viral. It is impressive to see a brand incorporate latest trends into its brand communication, weave in some humour and still make a strong point.