Free Wifi Proposal Of Pawan Bansal Gets Cynical Response On Twitter

With "Free Wifi" still trending Pawan Kumar Bansal's proposal during his Raliway Budget 2013 speech gets a cynical response on Twitter

Free Wifi Railway Budget 2013

One of the benefits of social media is that it provides instant feedback. Twitter is a platform that could be used effectively but then are we taking it seriously. Just a day before we saw “Rs 43,490” was trending on Twitter all day and giving Blackberry the feedback on its Z10 pricing. Similar was the case when the Railways Budget 2013 was released yesterday.

Railways minister, Pawan Kumar Bansal who shared his budget with the country yesterday emphasized that there needs to be an improvement in e-ticketing via the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Company (IRCTC) website. In addition to this, he also proposed Free Wifi access in some trains.

And it was enough for the Twitter community to jump on a very vague proposal. Twitter saw both “Pawan Bansal” and “Free Wifi” trending the top 10 chart in India However, it was Free Wifi that trended the whole day and while I am writing this I see tweets are pouring in still.

You can follow the entire stream here or you can check out some of the funniest tweets that I thought were enough to send a strong signal to the Railway minister that - how vague is his proposal to introduce Free Wifi in a country where the basic facilities in the trains are in a pathetic state!

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