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Clap alone if you know what happiness is to you. Clap alone if you feel like that’s what you want to do…Thanks to Pharrell Williams, we know the right way to express happiness is to clap, alone or with someone who shares your happiness. Lighthouse Insights is very happy to present the first edition of ‘LI Social Media Case Studies 2014’, so let’s all join for the big clap!

Having received over 90 case studies from 30 digital marketing agencies, big and small, shortlisting was a tough task. We stacked them up, we piled them up, we shuffled them around too, to finally pick only the best case studies we could all benefit from. So, here’s presenting the 29 best case studies on social media marketing in India for 2014.

The judging criteria as we’d announced before mainly focused on: a) How innovatively was the client brief or the campaign objective met, and b) How social media platforms were leveraged and integrated . Incomplete case studies that is case studies not submitted in the said format have not been taken into consideration.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many agencies and brands that have contributed to this effort. Lastly, we are eternally grateful to Experience Commerce - a full service digital marketing and media agency based in Mumbai and Bangalore, for sponsoring the eBook so you could have it for free!

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We hope you’ll enjoy reading this eBook as much as the LI team has enjoyed compiling it. Should you have any feedback, do write in with your brickbats and flower bouquets to [email protected] You can also start a social media buzz using #LICaseStudies.