‘Freaky Traveller Hunt’ Is On Facebook Studio

Freaky Traveller Hunt a contest run to find out the next crazy traveller is an amazing campaign and is now competing in Facebook Studio with other brands. will you like it?

Crowdsourcing ideas is not a new trend but we rarely find this brilliant idea being adopted by brands. We have seen how Micromax is organizing logo redesign contest on Facebook. The Indian TV channel FOX Traveler did the same while it was hunting for a host for its new show, The Freaky Traveller. Facebook was the obvious choice since the mass was out there but the challenge was of designing a right campaign to appeal to the masses and that too in a month. In comes the team of BrandAppZ that built an interactive Facebook app to set the right pace of the whole campaign.


Freaky Traveller Hunt Facebook Campaign

The campaign, which ran in the month of August and September 2011, appealed to fans because of the interactive app. Passionate travellers, freaks, young job seekers, etc. where invited to participate. The app not only asked people for submissions of their applications but it also encouraged the participants to upload their craziest pictures and videos. With the growing response from fans, the team at BrandAppZ introduced the voting mechanism via Likes and Comments. It also integrated the Facebook fever with its other social networks such as Twitter and Youtube. Not to forget that sponsored stories were used to pull the right group, custom engagements were built, auto posts were generated and thank you emails were shot to fans too. An interesting gesture that is quite rare to find.

Barring the fan count that jumped from a whopping 47000 to 160000, the campaign that ran for 40 days received more than 50,320 registrations! Now that is the power of crowdsourcing and the worst nightmare for judges. Along with this, the campaign generated more than 120,000 pictures and videos, which not only shows the success of the campaign but it shows the fan supports if the brand is ready to walk that extra mile. For more numbers and effectiveness of the campaign please click here.


My  thoughts on the campaign:

For me the campaign’s numbers are not that important compared to the idea. The reasons why I am going to support the campaign on Facebook studio is for the following reasons:

1. A brilliant example of crowdsourcing which not only saved the company cost but gave a chance to observe the hidden talents of so many fans.

2. Facebook is a place where people love to share photos and videos because it is a social place. Fox Freaky Traveller and BrandAppZ captured the same and got  huge success. Odigma followed the same in a slightly different way for their client Infinium Toyota in one of their submission at Facebook Studio.

3. The mechanism of inviting fans for the campaign and the voting mechanism created the required buzz on it’s own without spending much on the campaign that one would spend via the traditional medium.

4. Finally the brand is no more just a brand but one of them from its own community. I believe people would be more open in approaching the brand and that can be witnessed by the various content shared by the fans on the page.


I believe ideas like this will feature more in 2012 and must say is a well reached campaign. The idea was simple but then who said social media is rocket science. It is for humans from humans and it is good to see that FOX Traveller and BrnadAppZ have figured that out.

So are you voting for Freaky Traveller Hunt on Facebook?