Fox Traveller Engages Fans With Slam N’ Jam it For SoundTrek

Review of Fox Traveller's Facebook campaign to promote its new collaborative music series 'Sound Trek' featuring 18 artists.

A new journey has begun for music lovers. Fox Traveller, the channel with the fun journeys, is launching a fun-filled journey with music and travel beginning 29th August every Thursday and Friday at 10 PM. 18 artists will feature on an amazing journey called SoundTrek with 18 episodes and 18 collaborations across the country.

Artists and bands like Indus Creed, Lucky Ali, Advaita, Avial, Ranjit Barot, Midival Punditz, and more will be travelling across the country to jam with the perfect collaborators they find, bringing us the best of our country’s music.

The show has been creating buzz on social media since some time now. The fans of the Fox Traveller Facebook page have all been geared up for SoundTrek calling it the Great Indian Jam Session. Along with pre-launch parties by the producers Blue Frog in Delhi and Mumbai, and promotions on other mediums, the musical journey has introduced a range of engagement activities on social media platforms.

Beginning with visual updates since the 15th of August, the Facebook wall has been regularly updating its 1.6 million fans on the upcoming show and what to expect from it. Pre-launch parties were hosted in Delhi and Mumbai where fans could catch a live preview of the show. A few of them also won couple tickets for the pre-launch party through the SoundTrek Night contest!

Slam N’ Jam it on Facebook

There’s also a jamming contest for Facebook fans where musically inclined folks have a lot to gain. With ‘Slam n’ Jam it’ on Facebook, you need to find a track you like from a choice of ten tracks at the recording booth. Record a song in your voice and share. Beg your friends and family to vote. The highest voted one of you gets couple tickets to Goa and entry passes to India Bike Week in January in Goa!

‘Like’ the app to participate. Click ‘Enter the recording booth’ and proceed with the simple steps. Keep your microphone and speakers on. Select a background audio track and record. You are given 30 seconds to record yourself. If you like what you hear, submit it, or there are options to change the track or record your song again.


Beside the ‘Recording booth’ is ‘Voice Gallery’ that lists all the fan submissions. You can vote for them as well as share them on Facebook or Twitter. Prizes tab shows all the prizes in store. Apart from the Goa trip, there are bluetooth headsets and T-shirts to be won too.

Social is the way

Besides sharing the promo videos and which artist is jamming with whom, the Facebook wall has managed to brew up the excitement for the television show along with some dedicated apps. There is the ‘Artist Trivia‘ Facebook app which gives you some interesting facts about the 18 artists. Apart from treating your fans to a live preview at the pre-launch party, the campaign has also scored with its ‘Slam n’ jam it’ contest. Who would not want tickets to Goa!

Also, the visual updates and apps are noteworthy for their cool design. ‘Slam n’ jam it’ worked smoothly too. However, the Fox Traveller Twitter page could have done more than sharing the same content as on its Facebook page. Perhaps, there would be something as the show goes on air.

For a collaborative music and travel based series, Sound Trek has worked real hard on Facebook. Can’t wait to hear the new rhythms created by Midival Punditz while jamming with the Burra Katha musicians or jazz musician Dhruv Ghanekar with Rajasthani folk singer, Ila Arun. What about you?