Fox Traveller India Engages With #IndianZombie Memes For The Walking Dead

A look at Fox Traveller India's social media promotions for "The Walking Dead" in partnership with digital agency Flying Cursor, with Zombie attacks and contests.


After hijacking a photo booth, the Walking Dead now invade the streets of India. Popular American horror drama “The Walking Dead” premiered on Fox Traveller India on the 29th of March, 2014. As part of the promotions, the channel created a zombie furore in the country and spread them through social networks. Beginning a good three weeks prior to the TV premiere, the first spotting of the walking dead happened at a photo booth hijacked by a group of zombies. For the promotions, Fox Traveller partnered with creative digital agency Flying Cursor.

In the first zombie prank, a photo booth was set up for youngsters where they could get their selfies clicked, instead what they got were scary encounters that would stay with them for a lifetime. A video of this zombie attack was then uploaded on Fox Traveller’s YouTube channel and promoted through its Facebook and Twitter pages. Contests with branded merchandise were held around the zombie prank, enabling the channel’s community to gear up for the TV show.

While this was on, another zombie invasion was filmed. This time the group of zombies were seen razing havoc in the open.

Connecting via #IndianZombie memes

This was soon followed by introducing the Indian connection. The channel invited its fans to share about what Indian zombies would be like and how they would behave. The ideas thus crowdsourced were then made into #IndianZombie memes, reflecting the typical Indian personality in an Indian zombie. For instance, the Sachin Zombie is a zombie that dies after eating 99 brains!

While the ‘zombies on the loose’ video was shared on social networks, the Facebook contest app asked two related questions with branded merchandise for the right answers. The same was carried out during the photo booth zombie prank earlier; an exercise that helped increase video views as well as the Facebook fan base.

Fun zombie pranks and personalized zombie memes with the Indian flavour have further helped resonate with the community. Inviting fans to contribute their ideas of an Indian zombie and making memes out of them, makes the campaign a memorable one. The simultaneous execution on Facebook and Twitter along with the YouTube zombie pranks ensured an enthusiastic viewership for the TV telecast.

The only thing I found out of place is the choice of Fox Traveller as the channel for airing a zombie drama. It takes away your appetite from the food and travel shows. Nevertheless, this would be soon decided by its TV ratings. Till then, watch your back as the zombies are here.