Fox Traveller To Transform To Fox Life Soon, Channel Goes Social To Ring In The New

Fox Traveller, the television channel that made your journeys fun is on the verge of a transformation to Fox Life, it has leveraged social media to ring in the new brand communication of 'Go Places' prior to the change

Fox Traveller, the television channel that made your journeys fun is on the verge of a transformation to Fox Life. The new avatar will have new flavours, journeys and colours to make your life even more exciting. A channel that started as ‘Fox History & Entertainment’, was renamed to ‘Fox History & Traveller’ in May 2011, had finally settled for ‘Fox Traveller’ in October 2011 with a bigger focus on travel based shows, is now to become ‘Fox Life’ on the 15h of June 2014.

Focused on your life and how you can make it fun, Fox Life will follow the channel’s new brand philosophy of ‘Go Places’. Marking the channel’s newest avatar are its social media assets for which the channel has partnered with creative digital agency Flying Cursor. Fans of the channel have been braced for the change that is to come. With a combination of teasers and challenges, Fox Traveller has leveraged social media to drive home the change, weeks prior to the transformation.

The announcement was made on the channel’s Facebook page which has more than 2.7 million fans on June 1, while teaser images had begun to be shared as early as May. A brand new cover photo simply stating ‘a change is coming!’ is joined with a series of posts and contests communicating the new idea. Visuals have a conversational tone asking fans what the colour of life should be to how life can be made more exciting.

The channel has launched the ‘Go Places’ challenge in association with a travel company, where winners can go places. The best entry for challenge no 3 will win an all expense paid surfing weekend for two at a beautiful Konkan campsite at Kodi Bengre in Karnataka.

If this sounds exciting, head over to the ‘Go Places challenge’ Facebook app. Like the app to be able to participate by choosing what you would do from several given options, and then give a reason why you would do that.

In addition, Fox Traveller is encouraging its fans to create their bucket list using its ‘Create my bucket list’ Facebook app. The app provides a list of exciting things which you can click and drag on to your own bucket list. As can be seen in the screen shot on the right, the app creates a personalized bucket list by pulling up the name from Facebook.

One can also add their own fun to-do on to the list, or check out the Gallery to be inspired, before submitting their bucket lists.

Readying for ‘Go Places’

For a well-established channel like Fox Traveller, it is a mighty daunting task to bring about a smooth transformation. While most viewers find themselves emotionally connected to a certain brand philosophy, in this case ‘This journey is fun!’, might not be ready for the new, what this campaign does is gradually introduce the brand philosophy of ‘Go Places’.

The ones regularly glued to the shows on Fox Traveller and also follow the channel’s social media pages, will not be in for a rude shock when they switch on their favourite show on the 15th!

The idea of enabling the community to create their bucket lists, aligns well with the travel-lovers who are more prone to surprise themselves and try out something new. In other words, they would love to ‘Go Places’. Besides, the ‘Go Places’ contest will further engage the fans, while emphasizing the brand’s new tagline.

Beginning with the teasers, each piece of communication, be it a post or a visual has been carrying the new brand philosophy in its message. Apparently, there is more to come in the weeks towards the change.