Foursquare Meetup In Mumbai #4sqDay

A guest post by Pawan Kumar Sharma, where he shares his experiences of the recently concluded Foursquare meetup in Mumbai on the occasion of Foursquare Day


This is a guest post by Pawan Kumar Sharma, where he shares his experiences of the recently concluded Foursquare meetup in Mumbai on the occasion of Foursquare Day.

4sqDay 2013  happened on Tuesday, April 16, 2013. 2,746 people in 310 cities went to different places and checked-in via Foursquare to celebrate the big day. Mumbai wasn’t far behind. With more than 100 check-in’s registered in less than 2 hours at The Salt Water Café, Bandra, the event certainly garnered much more attention this year than was expected.

With really good promotion and outreach strategy planned way in advance for the meetup in Mumbai, it was only a matter of executing the plan well for the event to succeed. Promotions on social media platforms including Twitter (the organizers started early on 6th April to develop buzz on Twitter about the event in Mumbai, random tweets marked with #4sqDay2013 were going back and forth on Twitter to generate curiosity among bloggers, tech enthusiasts and social and digital media professionals!), Facebook Kotak page, Facebook Event page and by putting an event on the popular meet-up and events site

Foursquare day Mumbai
Image courtesy: Facebook

All people had to do was attend the meetup in Mumbai, check-in and unlock via 4sqDay check-in special to get their complimentary free drinks from the organisers. The event also gave an opportunity to unlock TWO badges in one day, 4SqDay Special Badge & Swarm Badge, meet fellow foursquare geeks and also a chance to win official swan and goodies sponsored by Kotak Bank.

Mayors of Kotak Bank locations were also given a goodie bag each from the sponsor!

The Result:

  • Check-in special was unlocked by 100+ people.
  • Swarm badge was unlocked.
  • Salt Water Café was trending.
  • Mayors special goodie bags were distributed by Kotak.

Although the scheduled time of the event was 7 PM, the place only started buzzing with people by 8pm. You could hardly find any elbow room. The crowd got busy catching up with old friends and chatting the night away with the new ones. Apart from the mentioned goodies, few more prizes were given away like who has the most number of friends on Foursquare and the maximum number of check-ins at any given place via Foursquare.

Pawan Kumar 4sqDay

What was interesting about the event was the fact that not many brands in Indian social media circle give the right due to Foursquare, which the most popular check-in application in the world. You would find campaigns on Facebook and Twitter but none involving Foursquare. On top of promoting and celebrating Foursquare in India, Kotak reached out to many die-hard fans of the application and even endorsed them.

This was something different and unique that a brand has done apart from hashtag trending on Twitter or developing a Facebook app to give away prizes to its loyal fans and make them play an app every week on its page to reward and endorse the fans. As the Foursquare day comes around next year, maybe brands can plan something much bigger for fans of the check-in application and enroll them for much bigger events, something like the amazing race, check-ins at different places via Foursquare and getting a clue about the next one to win an ultimate big prize. This is something that which I would definitely want to see in the future!

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