The New Extra Cold Foster’s Creates Buzz With #HaveYouSeenIt

Foster's is out in a brand new packaging for that extra chill in the summers. The digital buzz involves some cool visuals and funny videos by comedians

Indian beer-o-holics are in for the most chilled experience of their lives this summer. Australia’s iconic lager from the house of SABMiller, Foster’s is now out in a brand new avatar for that extra cold refreshment this summer. The design of the new bottle is claimed to be the tallest and most curvaceous bottle in the category. Available in 2 variants Gold and Lager, the bottle will have a ring pull, making it easier to open. The new packaging also includes a unique thermo-chromatic label that turns blue at ice cold temperature.

Communicating the new avatar as ‘extra cold refreshment’, Foster’s India has rolled out an interesting digital campaign called #HaveYouSeenIt. The idea is to bring alive the effects of the extra cold Foster’s through a series of storytelling content, amplified further by an army of influencers and comedians who demonstrate the extra chill in hilarious ways.

In the ad film launched for the campaign, a bottle of the new extra cold Foster’s has the magic chilling effect at a party. From a dull, forlorn place, it transforms into a lively, chilled-out party after Sid discovers the Extra Cold Foster’s in the fridge.

The digital campaign was unveiled in phases on social media. It set about building curiosity in the beginning, a story was created around the new kind of beer. Next comes the guy from the ad engaging the fans prior to the reveal. The stand-up comedians and funny guys take over, Jose even reviews the new version. The brand visuals together with the humourous content created by the funny guys helps build curiosity using #HaveYouSeenIt.

#DaaaaaamnCold makes way for something cooler

Sid, the protagonist leads the way

Jose, the funny guy posts a gadget review

Jose is now a doctor

Abish, the funny guy is at it again!

A picture speaks a thousand words

Who needs these now!

A funky makeover story

A brand makeover is usually a grand affair, and when it is about a popular beer brand, the story must be captivating enough to match with the brand. It has been impressively done in little phases - unveiling the new bottle, communicating the ‘extra strong’, building humourous content around the idea, and emphasizing them with relevant visuals and videos. Only an iconic beer brand like Foster’s can go as bold as this, getting the new refreshed bottle to do all the talking and how.

Reaching out to the millennial audience via popular funny content creators is a big win here. I loved the gadget review by Jose. More and more brands are tapping into the space of ‘Branded content’ to reach out to the new age consumer, who wouldn’t care about advertisements anyways. Moreover, the #HaveYouSeenIt hashtag makes for an inviting feel to the campaign communication, while not being too branded like “#HaveYouSeenTheNewFosters.” Foster’s India could possibly host beer lovers in every city, apart from teaming up for branded content with new age digital media companies.