Fortune Oil Brings Brand Promise Alive With #FortuneMotherExchange

Fortune Oil launches 'Mother Exchange' wherein mothers in different cities can connect with each other, learn their home recipes and cook for each other's children


There’s magic in stories. The more beautiful the theme, more are the chances of it going viral in a digitally connected world. And when it’s to do with mothers, it becomes a memorable story, something that strikes a chord in your heart. But, you cherish it when it involves real mothers. A brand is using the web to bring together all Indian mothers towards a noble cause – feeding children living away from home with home-cooked food!

Ahead of the Mother’s Day celebrations this year, Fortune Oil embarked on an altogether unique initiative called ‘Mother Exchange’ that lets children living away from home, enjoy home-cooked food just like how their mothers made it. The ‘Fortune Mother Exchange’, as the name suggests, requires mothers to register at a special microsite where she needs to select a mother in the city where her child is staying and whose child is staying in her city.

Both the mothers can then exchange their home food recipes and provide meals to each other’s children just the way they always liked it, with the microsite acting as a platform. So, a mother from Cochin can hope her child living in Delhi is provided with his staple favourites like idiappam and karimeen, while she prepares biryani and butter chicken for the Delhi child living in Cochin.

The ‘Fortune Mother Exchange’ is really the brand promise of “Ghar ka khana, ghar ka khana hota hai” in action.

The brand film conceived and executed by Ogilvy & Mather is the story two mothers, one from Jodhpur in Rajasthan and the other from Chennai in Tamil Nadu, whose sons study in each other’s cities. We see how the two mothers get in touch with each other and collaborate to learn the others’ home recipes, overcoming language and cultural barriers. At the end, the mothers meet each other’s son and serve them their favourite food while the boys are seen relishing some home-cooked food away from home.

The initiative has garnered a lot of appreciation on social media for its sheer concept. While it reminded some of their student days when they missed their mother’s food, for others the concept is an ‘amazing’, out-of-the-world’, ‘incredible’ one.

A cursory glance through the hashtag #MotherExchange or #FortuneMotherExchange will tell you how much the brand has gained in positive brand sentiments. People are doing all the talking, while the brand is just sitting back and rejoicing in the positive buzz.

Fortune Oil walks the talk

Fortune Oil has been big on ‘ghar ka khana‘ and its emphasis on home-cooked meals as the healthiest forms the crux of its communication, be it in its ad films, print ads or Facebook posts. With the ‘Fortune Mother Exchange’ initiative, the cooking oil brand has carved a niche for itself as the brand that strives towards its promise. There can be no other way of bringing alive the brand promise of Ghar ka khana, ghar ka khana hota hai, than the mother exchange program.

The initiative has been conceived beyond being just an emotional film; the online platform serves as the perfect solution for connecting mothers and possibly new friendships between two families. Last year the brand had released a two-minute TVC featuring a really stubborn granny who is hell bent on feeding her grandson home-made meals, every day at the hospital, while the nurse would not allow outside food. The film received a lot of appreciation but failed to leave a mark as it wasn’t accompanied by a strong brand promise in action.

Mother Exchange can hope to fill up the gaps for Fortune and help the brand walk the talk.