#RicefullyYours – How Experience Commerce Has Built Interesting Content Around Basmati Rice For Fortune Foods

The digital campaign is educating users about Basmati rice by complementing their signature dishes with the right kind of Basmati

Popular in her circles, Jayeta Mukherjee from Kolkata is known for her special Bengali Chicken Curry. But for the very first time she got to serve her dish to Chef Pranav Joshi. As seen in the above video, Jayeta and her daughter, are very excited to serve Chef Pranav with the nervousness showing in their eyes. Pranav tries the dish and instantly relishes its perfection. In fact he goes one step ahead and claims he can finish the entire plate of rice with her curry.

Interestingly, Jayeta asked what rice would he recommend for such type of dishes. Generally we Indians purchase two types of rice: one for everyday use and one for special occasions, which is obviously the expensive Basmati rice. I’m sure none of us have ever invested our brain in thinking about what kind of rice would fit a particular dish.

But the problem surfaces if you are making a Biryani, there is always the fear of rice getting sticky. Preeti Lal, an experimental cook also from Kolkata, faced the same problem. Chef Pranav suggested her to try Fortune’s new rice variant Biryani Special. The special quality of this rice is that it gives you a royal and premium look. Besides if you are making Biryani, rice plays an important role, as Preeti says in the below video:

Earlier last year, Wilmar International had announced the launch of Basmati rice in India through its local joint venture Adani Wilmar. The four variants include Everyday Basmati Rice, Traditional Basmati Rice, Biryani Special and Super Basmati Rice. This is a part of company’s plan to extend its flagship edible oil brand Fortune into other commodities like pulses, besan and nuggets.

The company has a target of producing one lakh tonnes of basmati rice in the next two years. On the marketing front it did launch a TVC during Diwali with Bollywood star Kajol. However the brand was quite open about going on digital to educate the nuances of Basmati rice and its different types. This is when it approached Experience Commerce, a Mumbai based digital marketing agency.

Over a telephonic conversation, Sandip Maiti, CEO & Founder at Experience Commerce shared that the brand approached them with a clear objective: Use digital as a medium for educating consumers about Basmati rice variants; so that going forward Fortune Basmati rice will be the preferred choice. “During our initial research we figured out that purchase of Basmati rice variants is very price driven. Normally people buy Basmati on the basis of price and they hardly know anything about the origins and specific use of a variant.”

Educating consumers about Basmati rice was zeroed in, but the bigger question facing them: was the consumer interested? Besides, how does one engage the audience, one can’t just create a Wiki around Basmati rice! This gave birth to the whole campaign idea of #RicefullyYours.

“We were confident enough that if a good story is told around rice, the consumer would lap it up. We also identified that almost every lady has one special or signature dish for which she is famous or known in her circles. We thought of building our entire content marketing strategy around this idea.”

From Fortune’s perspective the pitch to the consumer was that while your dish is good we will give you a rice that will not only go well with it, but will make the dish even more popular. “Our campaign was all about this. We asked users what is your favourite dish and we tried to pair it with the right Fortune rice.”

The entire campaign was driven via a portal – fortunefoods.com that serves like a one-stop destination for all the content. To begin with the campaign had a simple matching game. The game had three simple steps – users had to pick their signature dish; in my case I went with Mutton Biryani. In step 2, I had to select the signature twist to my dish, I went with “Shahi” as an option, and in the final step I was informed that Fortune Biryani Special Basmati Rice will be the celebrated match. The portal also informed me why the rice was a perfect match for my dish.

Now the celebrity twist to the campaign - users had the chance of inviting Fortune to their kitchen. If you click on the “Invite Us” button Chef Pranav would visit your house to taste the food. Fill in the details of your signature dish and if lucky expect a visit from the Chef. This is how Chef visited Jayeta and Preeti from Kolkata to have their signature dishes in their homes.

In addition to this, the portal has information on rice facts, quick recipes and more. Some of the content that caught my attention were – 7 Indian Biryanis every foodie must try, how to further increase the fragrance of Basmati rice, how to make the perfect fluffy rice, among others.

Quick videos have been created to explain some very interesting aspects of rice. For instance rather than a complete article, the portal has a quick video to show you how layering of rice is done for a Dum Biryani or to show how rice styling is done in a simple and easy way.

Social media has been used as a distribution channel for the content that has been created and stored in the portal. Both Facebook and Twitter is sharing the content, engaging with the users, and giving certificates to the delicious “Dish of the Day” submitted by fans.

Besides this you can find interesting visuals with a simple #KitchenHack.

Twitter was also the playground for some quick contests associated with the campaign, for instance #PyaarSeKhilao was doing all the talking during Valentine’s Day.

Good content will drive stickiness

Storytelling is the buzzword we’ve been hearing about since 2015, but very few brands have found that one piece of content that will get their audience hooked. Who would even think that you can cook interesting content around rice – the most underrated food item in the kitchen.

Creating content at a central location and using social networks to drive them is an ideal recipe of a brilliant content marketing campaign. Experience Commerce understands content marketing like an ace, we have seen a similar thought process for the MTR Dishcovery campaign - a content platform built to house authentic vegetarian recipes from all across India, while #SundayHoTohAisa helped build conversations on Twitter.

#RicefullyYours takes content marketing two steps ahead by getting fans across social media platforms talking and sharing about a topic like ‘rice.’ Not just that, it also gives women the opportunity to earn some digital fame for their signature dish.

Generally we see that most campaigns lose their focus when they have a wide area to play on digital. #RicefullyYours is an objective driven campaign, keeping the users at the top while not messing around with too many things. An ideal example on how content marketing campaigns should be executed on digital. (Read also: 7 Successful B2C Content Marketing Campaigns Every Marketer Could Learn From)

Looking at the conversations and user generated content, Adani-Wilmar - that is planning to invest 150 crore in the rice business over the next year - is the ultimate winner driving tremendous brand recall from the campaign. For the actual business results we will have to wait for some time.