Ford And National Geographic Invite You To Be A Part Of “MyEndeavour Alterrain”

Ford India and National Geographic channel launched adventure driving series 'MyEndeavour alterrain' will feature five real people, each accompanied by a navigator on a thrilling journey. The navigators are being sourced through a Facebook contest

Ford, known for the creative promotions of its latest models, has once again roped in real people to experience a Ford and weave their own stories around it. Established in 1995, Ford India, the wholly owned subsidiary of Ford Motors has recently launched an exciting promotional campaign for the new alterrain edition of the Ford Endeavour. Ford has partnered with National Geographic channel to create a five-part adventure driving series, featuring five celebrities on their unique journeys with the Ford Endeavour Alterrain Edition.

But, the excitement does not end there. The adventure series will see writer Chetan Bhagat, film maker Nagesh Kukunoor, boxing Olympian Vijender Singh, actor Gul Panag and actor Rajeev Khandelwal, each accompanied with their own navigator chosen through a Facebook hunt. The MyEndeavour alterrain series will be telecast on National Geographic Channel once a week, starting this May with repeat telecast twice a week. Besides this, the chosen fans will also have to perform tasks along with the celebrity. The only glitch is that you cannot select the celebrity you wish to travel with, Ford India has the freedom to pair you with a particular celebrity!

The Ford Alterrain Facebook hunt

The navigator hunt is being carried out through an application on the brands Facebook page titled ‘Ford Alterrain’. You need to ‘like’ the page if you want to participate.


You are welcomed by the home page, which features the format of the show, the profiles of the celebrities along with the endeavours that they would undertake throughout the off-road terrains. There are two ways to participate - either book a test drive or refer a friend to participate in the contest.

If you choose to refer a friend to participate in the contest, the Facebook ‘Invite’ feature will be used. You can share the details of your participation on her wall that would help propagate the contest among her friends.

If you choose to book a test drive, you will be given a choice to book a test drive through SMS or visit the Ford India website to book a test drive.

How cool is ‘MyEndeavour Alterrain’?

As stated earlier, Ford is synonymous with real stories for their launches. MyEndeavour Alterrain not only brings celebrities closer but also gives a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for fans to be a part of their journey and get featured on television. Choosing Facebook as the platform for the hunt is also good, as most number of Indians are active on the network. The app has a neat layout in addition to working without glitches and does display the Terms & Conditions link. However, it does not state how the winners will be selected.

Last year Ford India had launched the ‘One tank. 1500 Kms. One Classic Story.‘ for the Ford Classic Titanium, which had 11 passionate people from various fields pursuing their dream through 8 teams. Every team was also accompanied by a cinematographer, who would capture the entire journey in her lenses. The story that is the most engaging and popular would win Rs. 100,000. Even as we speak, the innovative brand has already launched the ‘EcoSport Urban Discovery’ campaign to create buzz for it’s upcoming SUV EcoSport, slated to be launched soon. 100 people in 35 EcoSports will discover 12 cities and one winner will eventually take home her EcoSport!

In the same vein, MyEndeavour Alterrain will help showcase the vehicle as suitable for all terrains, in addition to enabling potential consumers to test drive it and create buzz online.

MyEndeavour Alterrain creates Social media buzz

MyEndeavour Alterrain is being promoted extensively on Facebook as well as Twitter. The Ford Facebook page, with 323K fans, had managed to create a fair amount of pre-launch buzz before announcing about the Facebook hunt. The page is now inviting fans to book a test drive and be a part of the contest. The content is also being shared on Ford’s Twitter page with 2K followers, along with the hashtag #MyEndeavour.


Interestingly, both the brands Ford and National Geographic are talking about it. The National Geographic Channel’s Facebook page with its more than 1.2 million strong fan base, has been putting out regular updates. Apart from wall updates, it features the Ford Facebook app too.

When both brands join hands to promote a common campaign, the reach multiplies on social media. It is good to see Ford and NatGeo do their bit on social media promotions for MyEndeavour Alterrain.

So, how far would you go for an Endeavour? Do try it and let us know your experiences.