Ford India’s One Tank.1500Kms. One Classic Story

About Ford India's social media campaign to launch the Ford Classic Titanium, with a unique concept "One Tank.1500Kms. One Classic Story"


Ford Motors is known for fuel efficient cars in India. After re-badging ‘Ford Fiesta Classic’ as ‘Ford Classic’, the company has rolled out its first variant – Ford Classic Titanium. The car that was launched last month plans to conquer a segment that demands everything from style to engine to comfort. ((According to CarDekho)) Few days later i.e. on August 10, the company launched a social media campaign with respect to the new launch – “One Tank. 1500Kms. One Classic Story.”

What is “One Tank. 1500Kms. One Classic Story”?

The campaign is about chasing the one dream that you have been passionate about all your life along with the new Ford Classic Titanium. Thus started the dream for 11 passionate people from various fields and interests who were divided into 8 teams. Every team was also accompanied by a cinematographer, who would capture the entire journey in her lenses. The campaign ends with the dream being accomplished and every team will have to share the story as videos. The story that is most engaging and popular will provide a chance to  the cinematographer to win Rs 100,000.

Social Media Integration

The campaign has been tightly coupled with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. The brand that has more than 135K fans has created a Facebook app. The app is exclusive for fans and has been built with a purpose to create awareness about the campaign.

The app which is like a dashboard has three vital sections – Home, Teams and About. “Home” screen gives a snapshot of the 11 passionate people along with a Twitter feed of Ford India and “About” is details about the campaign. “Teams” gives the details about the individuals. The teams that have been named depending upon the interests of participants are like Highway Belly, Myth Seekers, Shutter Speeders, etc. Once you click on any team, the app takes you to a page where you get all the details of the team, their dream journey along with their individual Twitter stream. For example, I clicked on “Wandering Minstrels” which is a team of Raghu Dixit, Gaurav Vaz and Paarth Garg.


On Twitter the brand that has close to 800 followers, has created the #1tankfull hashtag for conversations to evolve for this campaign. The brand has also used Youtube where it is showcasing all the team videos. These videos are small interviews from individuals and their expectations from this adventure.


The brand has also taken care that the campaign excites fans. The content that is being shared on Facebook is majorly focusing on the drives and relative updates. The participants are also using their social networks and keeping their community updated about their exciting journey. In a way this indirectly is making people talk about the campaign. The adjacent screen grab shows you one such tweet update from Gaurav.

Ending Thoughts

The campaign has been designed well and executed smartly. Ford has been known internationally for executing path breaking campaigns on social media. However product promotion or creating awareness via social media by including social influencers is becoming a stereotype. We saw MTV India and Tata Nano doing the same when it launched India’s first social road trip that saw 16 participants divided into 4 teams travelling 2500 kms in a span of 21 days.

Nevertheless, Ford India pushing people to chase their passion and supporting it  is cool. I am sure that this will increase the conversations on social networks about the brand and Ford Classic Titanium will get the much required buzz.

I am sure in the coming future we would see a lot of brands walking the same route too. How do you find this campaign and it’s execution?