Ford Figo ‘B’Day 2 Remember’ Fails To Impress

An article that shares how Ford Figo ‘B’Day 2 Remember’ started as a birthday contest fails to impress on creativity and guidelines.

Ford Figo, which is competing in India’s most important small car market segment, is celebrating it’s second birthday this entire March with it’s fans. The celebrations can be seen on the Ford Figo’s website and social media too. Ford, which has a community of more than 160,000 fans on Facebook, has initiated a celebration contest too. Twitter and Youtube have also been used to make the party a really successful one.

Ford figo 2birthday
‘B’Day 2 Remember’ Facebook Contest

‘B’Day 2 Remember’ Facebook contest:

The Facebook contest ‘B’Day 2 Remember’ is a simple contest, which is more of an invitation to the birthday party, and lucky winners would take surprise gifts in return.  The contest page has couple of interesting birthday invite videos that has been listed for you. These Youtube videos are interesting but most of them are the cliched Bollywood dialogues that kills the fun. However before you dream of winning the list of Apple products such as Ipad, Iphone and Ipod as a return gift, you need to complete three steps:

1. Invite five of your friends and spread the word about the birthday party.

2. Tweet out the invitation to increase your chances of winning.

3. And fill up a small form, which includes details and birthday message.

Along with the contest that is running on Facebook, Ford Figo has also used the 140 character world effectively by the smart use of hashtags such as #PartyAbhiBakiHai.

But ‘B’Day 2 Remember’ fails to excite me. Let me share why it does:

The Facebook page that is yet to adopt the new timeline for brands, has some critical flaws in the app that has been designed for the contest.

1. When you click for the first time on the app for authentication, it fails to work if you un-check both the options posted. As you can see in the below screen, the app is asking permission for posting on the wall and access news feed.

The App asking for permission

As a user I am not comfortable to allow both so I cancelled the request. On doing that the below exception is generated (tested in Chrome and Safari browsers) which clearly shows that neither the app is properly built nor has been tested thoroughly. In normal case, the app should have taken me to the contest even if I don’t give access to post on my behalf or access news feeds.

Error (tested in Chrome and Safari browsers)

2. For testing purpose, I again allowed the app to post on my timeline with an expectation that it will show me the content before posting on my profile page. The app fails to do so. According to Facebook platform policies section IV even if I give rights the app needs to show me the content every time that it is going to post on my wall. Most of the Indian brands, which either are not aware or seem to care less for Facebook guidelines.

[pullquote id=”lhipull” class=”center_lhi”]If a user grants you a publishing permission, you must still obtain consent from the user before taking any action on the user’s behalf, such as publishing content or creating an event.[/pullquote]

ford figo facebook update
App updates on my personal wall

3. The idea to celebrate Ford Figo’s second birthday is not a bad idea but the contest apart from having attractive prizes is not that innovative. A simple sending an invite to friends and filling up a boring form is not that creative. Rest I was also not able to find out any Terms and Conditions about the contest, which could tell me more about the contest and how it is being judged.

I am sure that people might be excited to participate seeing the luscious gifts but in terms of creativeness it fails to excite me at least. Does the ‘B’Day 2 Remember’ Ford Figo contest on Facebook excite you?