Ford Empowers People With EcoSport Urban Discoveries

About Ford India's pre-launch experiential campaign 'Urban Discoveries' for the Ford EcoSport, where 100 people will get the chance to drive and experience the SUV ahead of its official market launch

Ford India isn’t stopping at anything mediocre for its new launches, only the spectacular will do. Beginning March, the automaker has rolled out an experiential pre-launch campaign entitled ‘EcoSport Urban Discovery,’ to set the stage for the EcoSport  - the brand’s urban SUV slated to be launched sometime this year. The Ecosport Urban Discoveries will enable over 100 consumers to enjoy the opportunity to drive and experience the Ford EcoSport ahead of its official market launch!

How the Ford Ecosport Urban Discoveries works?

For the Ecosport Urban Discoveries, Ford India has created a dedicated microsite, where one can upload and describe a unique, interesting location in their city. These locations could be any place in their city – unique, uncommon, interesting urban discoveries - which even their friends will find interesting enough, to vote for them. One has to register on the microsite, post his urban discovery and ask friends to vote.


The top 35 urban discoveries from among these will be selected by an independent jury based on quality of the entry, votes gathered and other criteria. These 35 participants will add two more members to form teams of three each. Each of these teams will get the key to their Ford EcoSport that will help them in their quest for urban discoveries, in their respective cities.

These real experiences in the EcoSport will be captured in videos and will be run on the online platform as well as the social media networks of Ford India. The teams will continue gathering followers in order to remain in the consideration of finally winning the grand prize.

The leader of the team who gathers maximum followers, stimulates and engages them in best possible way to amplify their urban discoveries, wins and drives home an EcoSport and his or her team members will win international holiday packages. Ten lucky followers of the winning team will win iPads. The reward ceremony will be hosted and aired on a special episode on a General Entertainment Channel!

Weaving in the ‘social’ element through social media

In addition to television, radio, print and other mediums, social media is playing a major role in further amplifying this campaign. The Facebook page of  Ford EcoSport - with its 102K strong community - has been sharing regular updates on this exciting experiential campaign. The page also hosts an application for the campaign, which again leads to the microsite. The Twitter handle of Ford India with 2K+ followers is also spreading word about the campaign along with the hashtag #EcoSportDiscoveries.

But, best of all is the blog on the microsite as it features my favourite stand up comedian, RJ Mantra who has been roped in to encourage participation from the TV and radio audience. Mantra has been blogging about his Mumbai and Delhi trip on an EcoSport and without a doubt my vote goes for him!

This is probably the first time a product is being launched on this scale, giving a 100 odd people the experience of having driven a SUV. As the campaign progresses, we would be able to see how the teams fare and how social media fits in. Do register if you want to be one of them or you can always vote for the discoveries submitted by others.