Ford And National Geographic Channel Kickoff “MyEndeavour Alterrain”

Ford and National Geographic Channel present MyEndeavour alterrain: an all-new adventure driving series with writer Chetan Bhagat, film maker Nagesh Kukunoor, Boxing Olympian Vijender Singh, actor Gul Panag and actor Rajeev Khandelwal

Ford India and National Geographic channel have announced ‘MyEndeavour alterrain’ - an all-new adventure driving series that will be telecast on National Geographic Channel once a week, starting May with repeat telecast twice a week. This series will feature five real people from different walks of life, each setting out on a thrilling journey on Ford Endeavour Alterrain Edition.

The chosen five are none other than Writer Chetan Bhagat, Film maker Nagesh Kukunoor, Boxing Olympian Vijender Singh, Actors Gul Panag and Rajeev Khandelwal. While Nagesh wants to complete an unfinished road-trip he had undertaken in 1995 and explore the journey as a concept for one of his next films, Vijender plans to drive through Rajasthan till the Indo-Pak Border Post and sing for the Jawans posted there. Chetan would like to drive to Junagarh in Gujarat to meet India’s only African tribe, whereas Gul wants to explore coastal Karnataka with a drive from Goa to Hampi. Rajeev would like to revive his earliest travel memories – camp under the sky and experience the cultural odyssey from Dibrugarh, Assam to Pasighat in Arunachal Pradesh.

Ford has always been synonymous with real people having real experiences. Last year it was the ‘One tank. 1500 Kms. One Classic Story.‘ for the Ford Classic Titanium. This year it is for the alterrain edition of the Ford Endeavour, that has many exciting surprises in store. The brand plans to initiate a hunt for 5 navigators through its official Facebook page to accompany each of the celebrities on their experiential drive to different terrains.

The initiative has been shared on Ford India’s Facebook page as well as the Twitter page, beginning with introducing the SUV model to its salient features and then the celebrity travellers. The platforms are now building up the suspense for the online community and should be soon announcing the navigator hunt.

So, all you folks bitten by the wanderlust, do keep an eye on Ford India’s Facebook channel.