How Flying Machine Created Buzz For Its Ice Cool Denims [Case Study]

Case study on the promotions of Ice Cool Denims summer collection by Flying Machine, where it launched short and quirky videos that connected with the young TG

Flying machine ice cool denims

Flying Machine is India’s iconic youth denim brand by Arvind Lifestyle Brands. Having achieved cult status and brand loyalty since its re-launch in 2007, Flying Machine enjoys a vibrant and young consumer segment group.

The Objective

This summer, the denim brand was launching a new pair of “ice cool” denims for its summer collection for young adults. For the launch, Flying Machine wanted to resonate with the pulse of this young TG through a digital campaign.

However, a number of competitive brands have launched similar products with digital campaigns in the past. But the primary brand message for their products was always a familiar and specific “climate control plus comfort” factor. Flying Machine wanted to stay clear of the clutter and create something that differentiated “ICE COOL Denims” from the rest.

The brand teamed up with Experience Commerce, a full-service digital agency, for the design and execution of a creative digital campaign for the ‘ice cool’ denims collection.

The Strategy

Rather than a predictable Facebook and Twitter content strategy, Flying Machine changed the game completely by creating short videos, keeping the brand’s youthful image in mind. The idea was to create small 20 second video clips which youngsters could easily relate to and have fun watching.

The execution started by defining the new concept of “cool” for today’s young generation and taking inspiration from their attitudes. The fact was that staying cool went much beyond appearance and clothes. For today’s generation “Being Cool” is a way of life and an attitude. Thus came about the tagline concept ‘Keep things that matter cool’.

The three videos were then shot around this concept. The first video shows a young man reacting to a note of “Fridge NOT working” on his fridge door. Cheekily he cuts out the “not “from the sentence and converts it to “fridge is working”. To prove his point he takes the drink cans from the fridge and stuffs into his ‘ice cool denims’ pocket to keep his favourite drink cool.

The other video features a young couple quarrelling. Charmingly, the young man, in his cool denims, pulls his girlfriend towards him and asks her to sit on his lap. The girl instantly cools down, with the feel of the ice cool denims. The caption reads “Keep things that matter, cool”.

The last video of the series titled “ice cool balls” shows a young man care for his golf balls , wiping them with care. The boy then puts the golf balls in the pockets of the denims and walks away. The caption reads, ‘I love my balls that’s why I keep them cool.’

The concept of the videos was simple, yet opens to a number of intriguing interpretations. Apart from the 3 videos, the theme was also extended on social media with some more wacky interpretations of ‘things that matter’. The Flying Machine Facebook page shared visuals like these:

flying machine ice cool


The social media content strategy was fashioned around the #newcool concept and got a big boost with Ice cool denim posts being liked, commented and shared. Quotes Sandip Maiti, Chief Creative Officer at Experience Commerce, “We seeded the campaign on digital, using creative web videos. In the first 15 days alone, we were convinced the content made the right connection. It’s now time to scale up.”

Key Lessons

The concept of cool as defined by Flying Machine caught the pulse of the TG. The video content strategy was fresh, unique and depicted the brand message in a language which today’s youth understands and responds to.

The quirkiness of videos and their funny and ‘open-to-interpretation ‘ concept grabbed eyeballs and led to a tremendous brand recall. To craft an impactful content strategy for the young TG is difficult task but the brand succeeded not only in striking a chord with its young fans but also in strongly driving an unforgettable brand message whilst increasing fan engagement and driving brand conversations.