Flying Cursor Directors On Early Days And How They Landed Into The Creative Business [Video]

Flying Cursor Directors Shormistha Mukherjee and Parag Gandhi talk about their early days and how they landed up into advertising and the creative world

Two very interesting minds who never wanted to be in the adverting and creative world are today running Flying Cursor Interactive - a five-year-old digital and creative agency in Mumbai.

“I just stumbled into advertising by mistake. I was with a friend who was giving a copy test and I also joined it since I was free for the next three years. That’s how I started my advertising journey with no knowledge of the field but I have loved the space from day one,” recollects Shormistha Mukherjee, Director at Flying Cursor Interactive.

Shormistha, who had an exciting childhood studying in 13 schools in 12 years of education while traveling various parts of India, further shared that working in the creative or digital agency  is similar to professional acting. “Every day you have a new role to play, you have a new assignment to do and you have new things to learn. That’s one of the reason why I have always been a creative person.”

Parag Gandhi, the other Director at Flying Cursor, had a similar story to share where he dabbled into advertising by chance. His professional journey and love towards the medium started while creating animated gif banners. Later on he joined Mediaturf where he got a chance to explore the length and breath of digital. “I got into this field and learnt over the time and after working for seven years I decided to start my own venture which led to the foundation of Flying Cursor.”

In this first part of the video conversation, Shormistha and Parag talk about their childhood and how they landed up into the world of creative business.