How Mumbai’s Biggest Startup Problem Brought Rickshaw And Flying Cursor Together [Video]

In this video conversation Shormistha and Parag talk about their individual ventures and how Rickshaw And Flying Cursor joined hands in 2012

“The story of Rickshaw and Flying Cursor coming together started with office rent - Mumbai’s biggest problem,” shared Parag Gandhi in a recent conversation with Lighthouse Insights.

Parag, Director at Flying Cursor Interactive started his six-year-old digital and creative agency in 2008. “Flying Cursor started with the idea that how a creative partnership can lead the business side, since at that point of time media was ruling and creative was of low importance.”

But like all startups Parag informed that he had a roller coaster ride. Over the time he realized that if he had to grow his business, he will have to partner with a main line creative agency.

At the other end was Shormistha Mukherjee. After working for four years as a creative director with a large advertising house, she had decided to quit and start her own business as she wanted to do more things beyond the creative. “In an agency you get boxed and as a creative person, I didn’t have much scope to do all those things that I could do. Besides I realised that it was time for change since I wanted to be a partner with the clients I was working with. I really wanted to work on this and was willing to take the risk,” added Shormistha. She then started Rickshaw, a communication and design agency in 2009.

Earlier in the first part of the video conversation, both Shormistha and Parag talked about their childhood and how they landed up into the world of creative business.

In this second part of the video conversation, Shormistha and Parag talk about their individual ventures and how Rickshaw and Flying Cursor joined hands in 2012 to meet the growing client needs.