Fly To Hong Kong Via Cathay Pacific India Facebook

Fly to Hong Kong Via Cathay Pacific India Facebook

Engaging fans and holding them for a longer duration are the challenges that businesses are facing today on Facebook. Businesses have been organizing Facebook contests since sometime now and the contests are getting more interesting for fans. Cathay Pacific India’s, ‘Discover the World’ initiative is one such effort. Cathay Pacific, the Hong Kong based airline has come up with this cool initiative where it is engaging and rewarding Indian fans for their efforts.

What is ‘Discover the World’?

Discover The World

‘Discover the World’ is an initiative that encapsulates fortnight quiz, special offers and sharing tips on a particular travel destination where Cathay Pacific travels.

  • Quiz: Fortnight quiz is a set of three questions about a travel location. For e.g. this fortnight’s quiz is about Shanghai. So if you are lucky then you could stand to win Cathay Pacific branded gifts for all of your correct answers. With the bi-weekly prize, a participant stands to enter the ‘Grand Prize Lucky Draw’ if she has answered all the quiz questions correctly. The grand prize winner will get two free round trip tickets from India to Hong Kong. So sharpen your brain cells and give a try to the interesting fortnight quiz.
  • Special Offer: It is a fortnight discounted offer for all the fans. So if you plan to travel to Shanghai this fortnight (16 to 31, August) then Cathay pacific is providing you discounted tickets.
  • Share Tips: This feature allows people to share tips for the travel destination chosen for each fortnight. So if you have travelled to Shanghai or if you are aware of any amazing tip then share them. If your tip is helpful then you could stand a chance to win the Cathay Pacific branded gifts. Even if you don’t want to participate you can still search for the best tips shared by fans and increase your travel IQ.

Cathay Pacific India has been an engaging brand on Facebook and with ‘Discover the World’ initiative it has raised its bar. This initiative not only increases the brands presence on Facebook but also has got a way of holding fans on its page for longer duration. For brands, this is something to look for and for fans it’s time to compete and win some goodies.