Floost Is More Than An Interest Based Network [Review]

by Prasant Naidu on August 8, 2021

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Floost is an interest based network that allows you to share anything among your family, friends and the world. Reading about their story on Pluggd.in, I got excited enough to give it a try as I believe that the future of social network lies in individual interests and finding them in others too.

How does Floost Work?

Once you have logged into Floost via your Facebook or Twitter account, you would be asked to mention your interests. Either you can do it that moment or do it later. The basic design will remind you of Pinterest but there is more to it since Floost aggregates content based on interest unlike the former.

Floost has a bundle of features so you might get lost. The network allows you to do the following:

1. Creating your ‘Interest’: Start from creating interests. Depending on your interests, the network will provide you with content. If you have skipped mentioning the interests section during the initial logging process then click on the settings located under your profile on the extreme right hand side. Once you are on the page, you can specify your interests and your page should look like the below screen grab.


Along with your interests, you can start following users too. All these activities are shown by Floost under the sections ‘All’ and ‘Following.’ The network also provides you with suggestions on the similar content depending upon your interests. Like Geo Politics is one of my areas of interest listed in the network and hence Floost has pulled out some interesting content for me.

2. Creating ‘Boards’ and content for them:  This section of creating content and categorizing them under particular boards, works the same way Pinterest does. You can create boards and label them under different categories such as Gadgets and Tech, etc. The section also shows the entire stream and the activities performed by the user under the tabbed display as shown in the below screen grab.


Along with this, you either can link your blog to these boards or generate fresh content. You can add a new text post, images, videos, links and quotes. Once you have created content then list those under the right board and you can share them on your social networks as well.

3. Exploring categories: Floost has a set of categories for you to browse content. These categories such as Photography, Travel, Lifestyle, Humor, etc. not only provide interesting content but also provide you with an opportunity to follow the one that interests you.

4. Social Sharing and Auto Post: Floost creates a new definition for social sharing by giving the user to control it. You can share the content that you read or generate in all major social networks. Also, you can stop the auto posting of content on your social networks by pushing the ‘Social Off’ button on the top. In addition to this, while you can like a content, you can also repost content to your network, a feature that Tumblr is popular for.

5. Analytics: Floost also provides a bit of analytics along with a quick look at the recent activities performed by you. The statistics include parameters such as ‘Views’, ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments.’ Floost also provides a widget of Popular Posts that include ‘Top Liked’, ‘Top Viewed’, and ‘Top Reposted’ content by you.


What is good about Floost?

Floost is a futuristic network even though it has borrowed some of the effective and missing features from well-known networks. For instance, it has implemented the ‘Re Post’, a feature that Tumblr has under the name of ‘Re Blog’. Nevertheless, it is a useful feature and by curating content by interests Floost has questioned the USP of Pinterest.

Floost has also solved a big problem often faced by most of the social reading apps like Juhu Live. Unlike others, Floost provides a way that you can stop auto posting of content on the social networks. A much needed feature that will prevent your other social networks from turning into spam. However, it would be more effective if Floost allows the control of auto posting on the content itself.

Providing analytics about the activities being performed on the network is a much required feature on the network. Floost could enhance the analytics feature with time.

Finally, the design is visually appealing and may be inspired by Pinterest but makes my experience enjoyable. Providing the tabbed display of content and simultaneously providing associated content at the right places is some of the great design features implemented by Floost.

Can it be better?

The first time when I accessed the network, my first question was - why is it not a mobile app in the first place. Nevertheless, I heard from the recent update that the team at Floost is building an iOS app.  Floost could be a great network going further if it makes it available not only on smartphones but feature phones too.

Along with this, the network will require some serious monitoring like Quora has otherwise it would lead to content being tagged under wrong category. So this should already be one of the challenge areas for Floost.

Categories in the Explore option can be made more comprehensive but on an interest based network, I don’t think it should be of great priority.

Floost is definitely a network that could draw more eyeballs with time. If you are thinking that it is more than a blog or an interest based network then do give it a try since it is more than that. Besides the concept the way it has been executed is amazing and gives more reason to try Floost.

Prasant Naidu

Founder and Blogger at Lighthouse Insights. Loves to experiment in social media and believes social media is a game changer for SME's.

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