What’s An Amazon Delivery Box Doing In A Flipkart Office? Flipkart Responds

Flipkart responds to the viral image - "Even Flipkart Orders From Amazon" and wins hearts with its cheeky Twitter reply

Flipkart Orders At Amazon

Update: Amazon India has a sensible reply to Flipkart’s cheeky one, find it below in the article.

The first thing my Facebook feed told me today was – “Even Flipkart Orders From Amazon.” From the early part of the day the visual (embedded as the header image) with the tag line has been going viral on social media. What’s an Amazon delivery box doing in a Flipkart office? This was enough fodder for the Friday social media audience to go for it.

The visual got picked up on Reddit and Twitter, creating more problems for the Indian eCommerce brand Flipkart. More and more people talking about the image and Flipkart becoming the butt of jokes in front of it’s arch rival Amazon India would be the last thing that Flipkart expected on a Friday.

Things went a little out of control when Reddit India’s Twitter account tagged both the brands and shared the visual.

Finally, Flipkart decides to reply and  in doing so it made sure to win some hearts.

Flipkart’s cheeky reply fetched applause too.

But not everyone is happy at the ‘dustbin’ reply from Flipkart.

Finally, Amazon India has a sensible reply to finish off the humorous banter on Twitter.

The response from Amazon India has also fetched a few claps for its maturity in dealing with the entire episode.

Twitter enables great conversations as well as laughs. While comedy on Twitter is the forte of comedians, it is quite rare to see Indian brands indulge in a little fun. Flipkart made the first move but Amazon India has sealed it.