Flex A Move, Online Flash Mob By Reebok India

A review of Flex A Move, online flash mob By Reebok India

This April, Reebok India had started a fitness revolution called ‘Flex a move’ on Facebook along with the launch of ‘RealFlex’, their latest lightweight and flexible training shoe. ((Source: Best media info))What was exciting about the  RealFlex launch is that this was the first time an online flash mob ‘Flex Mob’ was created by featuring a dancing feat created for the fans, by the fans and from the fans. Anybody could be a part of the Flex mob by watching a featured dance move as shown in a video on Facebook , then record themselves doing the same move, maybe in their living room and upload it. And while they are at this, they could also win the Reebok RealFlex shoes. In addition, the first 25 valid entries got 25% off on shopping worth 5000/- at the Reebok store!

The online flash mob, Reebok Flex a Move was then featured in May as an array of user-generated videos dancing to the moves provided. In all, there have been 85,213 videos created till date, possibly the biggest online mob ever. The campaign was run through an app on Facebook and required you to like the page before you proceed. In between is an informative strip having three tabs ‘About Reebok Realflex’ that talks about the technology in the shoe, ‘Gallery’ that showcases videos and images and ‘Shop’ that takes you to the Reebok online store.


How good was the Flex a Move campaign?

What I really liked about this campaign is the unique concept. Creating an online flash mob with the help of user-generated videos is a good way for promoting your product. Also, it is an excellent way for a brand to come across as a social one, especially in this social age. Besides, it brings in the required buzz and engagement.

The discount provided to the first 25 entries gives the right boost and call for sales. Apart from this, it makes sense to gift the shoes as daily prizes and have it as a ‘like’ campaign. Also, by inviting fitness enthusiasts and Reebok loyalists, the brand has surely nurtured a relevant community rather than a massive yet irrelevant one.

I am quite impressed by the ‘Flex a Move’ online flash mob however it was disturbing to see the agency, Isobar India, which is a ‘Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer’ announce the daily winners of ‘Flex a Move’ on the wall itself.  This is against the Facebook promotion guidelines. As per the guidelines,

[pullquote id=lhipull class=’center_lhi’]“You must not notify winners through Facebook, such as through Facebook messages, chat, or posts on profiles (timelines) or Pages.”[/pullquote]

For a complete recce and understanding, do read through an earlier post about Facebook guidelines that we have often seen being ignored in some campaigns.

Have we seen an online flash mob on Facebook before?

When Diesel India completed two years, they celebrated with an online flash mob by getting 500 people including employees, their family and friends to change their relationship status on Facebook from being ‘single ‘ to ‘in a relationship’at the same time on 5 PM, 26th of April. Working on the curiosity generated, the brand attached a Facebook message inviting people to be a part of the flash mob with a link to a specially designed microsite for the anniversary celebrations. While there were discounts for the fans, the brand gained a massive coverage amongst its employees and their extended networks and more than 5000 sign ups during the mob.

So what do you think about the Flex a Move flash mob?