Firefox Bikes Banks On Social Media Along With Gary Fisher

About Firefox Bikes launching two new premium bike models of the Gary Fisher collection and how it used social media to create buzz about the entire event


Cycling to work is still not viewed as cool and biking groups in the weekends are still sprouting in our country. But then every new trend and market takes time to grow. Firefox Bikes has been one name that is not only educating the masses about biking since 2005 but also building its market.

Over the years, the company that has invested in constant efforts to promote the biking culture, is also promoting premium bicycles in the country by targeting urban consumers. Recently, the company tried expanding its base a bit more by introducing two new models of the legendary Gary Fisher Collection. Firefox Bikes imports premium bicycles of Gary Fisher collection, Trek Bikes. The latest Firefox Bikes to be introduced were – the Superfly AL and SuperFly Comp, priced at Rs. 1.45 lakh and Rs. 2.35 lakh respectively. ((Article Source)).

With the bikes being imported from Srilanka and the target customer being very niche, the company prefers to incorporate ‘Guerrilla Marketing’ and has also banked heavily on social media marketing. Hence, the recent launch of both the premium collection witnessed a maximum buzz on social media. The launch was timed well on the icon Gary Fisher’s 62nd birthday with Gary himself present to launch the premium collection.

Social Media buzz for the launch

The Facebook page which has more than 42K fans had very interesting content to keep the fans updated about the entire launch. A pre-buzz was made about the legend himself coming to India and celebrating his birthday.


In addition to this, what could be more enthralling for a diehard biker that he gets chance to bike along with the legend. The brand created an offline ride in Delhi and it made sure that Facebook felt the buzz.

Twitter and YouTube have also been used but these could have been avoided easily. Most of the updates on Twitter are a copy of the Facebook updates and YouTube has lacked any initiative. Apart from Facebook, no other social media channel has been used effectively.

Ending Thoughts

Launching a model or creating awareness via social media about a niche market is a trend that has been adopted extensively by most of the brands in 2012. One since the costs make a huge difference when compared to other forms of marketing and also the reach it provides. But all these efforts would be in vain if the brand fails to provide reasons for fans to talk about the engagement activities. Recently we saw how Royal Enfield did a handsome work for its latest launch on social media though in a different category but again it was also about community bonding.

Nevertheless, the brand is investing great efforts online as well as offline to nurture a community of bike lovers. Not that everyone would find the rationality of buying a high-end mountain bicycle which is slightly priced above the Nanos and M800 in the country. However, Firefox Bikes wants to build the Indian market by targeting the kids also and educating them about biking.

“If kids are bikers when they are young, then they will stay bikers when they grow up as well,” believes Shiv Inder Singh, Managing Director at Firefox Bikes.